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Yearly Forecast

Prediction for 2017



You need to remain focused on your career and business and aggressively pursue making money scanning every available avenue to improve your lot. Your past or recent setback must have put you in large debt and a very humble position. Success is assured to you but after some period of anxiety and more struggles. The employed will have to bear with difficult phase at least till towards the end of the year when some favorable developments are foreseen. You will feel secure and settled before the year ends. If you feel the need to change your job the best time will be towards the later part of the year. Business people will make progress through some trading activities and through work related to overseas. Partnerships and joint ventures are likely to get dissolved that eventually will be to your advantage.

Home and family life sees a few ups and downs and the atmosphere is likely to remain charged with tension. There will be differences with the youngsters at home and at times you will spend more time away from domestic environment by moving to a second home away from city. The married seem to get into occasional tiffs and they may reach a point when their differences will be beyond any amicable resolve. Those who got married recently say for a year or two will get separated after a bitter argument and acrimonious legal dispute. There are several reasons for disharmony in your married life and the foremost cause is neglect of each other’s needs and concerns. Youngsters will get into love relationships that will be more superfluous than meaningful hence hurtful.

Education and academic aspects are fortunately under favorable planetary conditions and students will make the most of their times of study to excellent results. Those doing higher education will do remarkably well especially if you are staying in a campus or a hostel away from the constraints of a family life. Sports person keen of taking up professional sports must pursue their goal seriously for there are likely to be several obstacles keeping them from devoting time to their interests. If you manage to get into competitive games you are assured remarkable results that will help you making it to a professional level.

Your health will be generally good though some of you will occasionally complain of cough and cold. Those having history of asthma may need medical attention to contain its severity. Elders may have to attend to some dental issues and some of you may get prone to skin allergies or arthritis. There will be no serious health problems except a few minor irritants that one can do without. Those gradually losing weight must go in for a complete medical check. Exercise general caution and you will be fine.




The year of mixed results and you will need to work hard to retain your position in your job or profitability of your business. There are likely to be hurdles in your career and you find that you overcome one and another appears with the result you are constantly struggling to fight the odds at regular intervals. It will be a roller coaster ride for most of you but take heart and persevere for the end result will be favorable. The employed may have to seek another job when they find they have reached a dead end with hardly any prospects for growth. There will be opportunities for fresh openings but the nature of work and the efforts required of you will remain the same. Business people must not commit themselves to large investments and avoid speculative trading. Try to remain focused on routine business and you will continue to make gradual progress.

Home and family life is fine though you may perceive things differently and unable to share and enjoy life due to your own imaginary problems and fear of the unknown. The married will find their mate loving and caring but you may lack appreciation and unnecessarily develop and harbor negative feelings of mistrust and suspicion. Youngsters will have large circle of friends but may miss out on romance by remaining aloof and shy of expressing their feelings. A person of the opposite sex will get drawn to you but being not sure of yourself you will lose out this person to another friend from your group. The eligible will come under pressure from their family to get married but the fear of settling down in matrimonial responsibility keeps them from giving their consent to any proposal that comes along.

Students will do better this year for they will feel focused to work hard to excel in studies. Those appearing for competitive exams are assured good results. Those studying medicine, engineering or law will complete their education and join large institutions that will set the pace for their future growth in their career. Sports persons working hard at their training will get selected to participate in competitive games at the state of national level. Those in individual games are likely to excel and win some awards or honors.

Health will be normal though most of you are advised not to neglect even a minor complaint. There is possibility of injury to the head or some emotional trauma that could cause serious ailment requiring hospitalization. Youngsters are more vulnerable in this regard. With regular care and attention you will manage to overcome such problems and lead a fairy healthy life during the course of this year.




You may experience fluctuating fortune during the coming year. Financial gains acquired recently must not be invested in fresh transactions or speculative deals just because you had a continuous period of success for a reversal is more likely to wipe out all that you earned. Business people must also guard against deception from an associate who may have won your trust by getting you some favorable deals earlier. You have to be particularly cautious in land transactions, business tie ups and accepting large orders without getting any guaranty through a bank. The best course in the coming year is to play safe and stick to routine work that will assure steady growth. The employed will do better in their present organization and are assured further growth. If your expected promotion gets withheld or postponed you must not make any issue of it and jeopardize your position thereby losing all the goodwill earned so far through your loyalty and good work. You will eventually benefit by not only getting promotion with higher salary but may get independent charge of an important section of the company.

Personal life and domestic scene is normal. The married may face some opposition from their relatives for their lack of interaction with the extended family. You must try ignoring the same lest it cause disruption in your married life because the subtle complaints could be hinting towards your mate who may have nothing against your family. Youngsters in love will face occasional tiffs with their beloved that will lead to their deciding to split but they will reunite and continue their relationship even though continuing their fight. If you are fancy free there are less chances of any significant romantic association though you may secretly admire someone who may not respond or may not be even aware of your feelings.

For students the year is favorable for academic studies as well as for sports activities. Remain focused on your interests and work hard in fulfilling your goals. You are sure to excel in studies and sports enthusiasts must endeavor to get into competitive games in that they will win awards and honors. Those doing specialized studies like law, medicine or accounts must avoid distractions from work and also family responsibilities. Students in junior classed will be able to make the grade after putting in extra effort and more time to their studies.

Health will be generally good. The areas that may require attention are the eyes, liver and complaints in the lower abdomen. Women in particular may be vulnerable to some abdominal infection requiring medical attention. However, overall you will enjoy good health by taking a little care and by following medical advice.




A gradual growth in your career and business is predicted. You heave a sigh of great relief after having gone through a harrowing experience of suffering setbacks, financial losses and stagnation in jobs. Business people can now scan fresh opportunities with the improvement in the money market and generally a positive trend prevailing all around. Those in the financial services, infrastructure, hospitality and international trade will register marked improvement in their profits. The employed who may have felt frustrated with no avenues for further growth will begin to receive fresh offers suitable to their plans they have for the future. Professionals having done well will now increase their sphere of influence by getting on to various panels in organizations of repute. Encouraged by the response you get from your clients some of you may decide to set up an independent enterprise that is sure to bring wide recognition.

Home and family life is comfortable and the married will enjoy domestic harmony. Recently married couple may continue with their respective jobs/career postponing their decision of starting a family. Youngsters will enjoy hectic social life with one or two minor romantic escapades. It seems you may not yet be inclined getting into a serious relationship for reasons of education or career. However towards the latter part of the year your association with a friend of the opposite sex could get more serious and meaningful and may continue for long till the two of you decide on your future togetherness.

Students will get down to serious study with single minded devotion to excel and do something meaningful in life. It is quite possible that some of you may do extensive study and research on some new idea with a view to start your own concern that you will successfully establish this year. Those in their final years will do very well and get into some specialized field of study after their graduation. Academic excellence is foreseen for most of you.

Health is generally good and you will feel active and energetic throughout. Some of you may get stress related problems like skin allergies, headaches or respiratory disorder. If you constantly feel irritation of eyes or redness then get it examined by an ophthalmic surgeon.Youngsters will be prone to minor injuries while playing games or when doing exercise. You must avoid heavy weights training in the gym for a possibility of spraining your back that could keep you indisposed for a while. Generally you will be full of vitality and enjoy a robust health.




Those who may have seen a setback in their career will now feel enthused and determined to turn the tide around in their favor. You will somehow create opportunities by working hard and scanning untried and untested ground to setup your new venture successfully. Those in international trade and business will manage to sign tie-ups with large enterprise even though initially having a minor share in the organization. The employed will bounce back with remarkable results in their work that others will be awestruck with their performance. Promotion is imminent with substantial increment in total emoluments. Those looking for jobs in governmental organization will succeed in getting suitable work according to their qualifications. Senior employees are likely to get placement to new regions with some of you getting assignments abroad.

Domestic life in general is fine but it will be your personal relationship with your mate or beloved that may require urgent attention. The married having differences over living in a joint family will have a difficult problem on their hands. If you have been living independently after marriage but are now required to move to a parental house then the issue may be difficult to resolve. You may have to make a choice that is not going to be easy. The probability of getting separated from your partner is more likely towards the end of the year. The fancy free may get romantically involved with a person under strong and vehement objection from their elders. It would be in your interest to avoid getting deeply involved in such a relationship.

Students will do well during the course of the year. Those in junior schools will excel in studies as well in sports activities. Those studying engineering, law, medicine or any other technical subjects will graduate will distinction. If keen to pursue higher education or research you are likely to receive scholarship to fulfill your dreams. Professional sports persons will win awards and honors in their field of specialization.

Your health will be fine and youngsters will feel enthused to join gym for building a healthy and shapely physique. Elders must not attempt to start exercising especially if they have never led an outdoor life. It is quite likely that you may feel discomfort in breathing that your physician may diagnose as minor blockage in the heart. You may be advised to bring some activity like walking and eating healthy diet. Stay away from any stressful situation that could cause anxiety and breathlessness. Just relax and remain happy to stay active and fit.




You have a fortunate year ahead with fresh opportunities for advancement of your career and business. The employed will get more independent role and will be able to put forward their plans with the full support of the seniors and the authorities concerned. Those in the employ of the state will get elevated to important positions and those with long experience in service may get nominated to lead important delegations to foreign countries. Business people will succeed in streamlining their operations and will be able to reduce their workload without affecting the profitability of their enterprise.

Home and family life will be full of harmony and there will be several auspicious events celebrated during the course of this year. The married will share good rapport and make several trips on holidays after having fulfilled most of their responsibilities towards the elders in the family. Youngsters can look forward to increased circle of friends with lots of social and cultural activities keeping them in high spirits throughout. An intimate friendship with a person of the opposite sex may have undertones of romance though nothing is expressed overtly. If you deeply feel attracted to this person then make your intentions clear after a couple of meetings. It is quite likely that your friend was expecting you to make the first move.

Students will have a successful academic year. Those in the final year of their studies will excel in their exams and may get jobs through campus placements. If you were keen to pursue higher education overseas you will now change your plans and carry on with higher studies within the country. Sports persons will do well in their field of specialization and some of you are certain to win awards and accolades in competitive games.

Health will be generally good and some of you will notice wide fluctuation in your weight. At times you will put on weight and after taking necessary steps like exercising and eating a sensible diet you will manage to reduce. But you need to be extra careful not to overdo anything for there is a possibility of you getting under nourished creating health issues. The best would be to keep a fine balance in weight and not to unduly worry if you put on a few extra kilos. As long as your overall health is fine a slight over weight will do no harm to your health or looks. Have a happy enjoyable year.




You will have a successful year ahead provided you continue to put in hard work and strive to make the maximum of the opportunities coming your way. It is quite possible you giving in to complacency after the initial breakthrough that you achieve in your job and business and that can retard your growth. It is expected that a period of continuous hard work makes you long for some relief but you must wait for the period when there is bound to be an abatement in the spurt of activities. The employed will have to wait before they move higher up in hierarchy and not voice their discontent. Business people must concentrate on completing their ventures on hand and not digress by seeking fresh opportunities. Try consolidating your position before embarking on any new projects.

Your home and personal life moves along comfortably and you share easy rapport with your mate or beloved and with other members of your family. The married are likely to acquire a new piece of property and start preparations to move residence as early as possible. There are strong romantic influences surrounding your environment and youngsters get drawn into an intimate relationship with someone visiting them from out of town or overseas. The married need to be very careful and not give in to temptations by getting entangled in a secret liaison that could cause a rift in the married life. Travel this year is certain to bring about new friendships and also likelihood of light hearted flirtations.

Students will have a successful year, especially those doing specialization in the field of engineering or accounts.. If you are in the final year of your education you are most likely to take up job for a couple of years before going in for your higher education. Sports person will need to work hard at their training if they wish to get selected for any competitions. A minor injury could hold you back for a couple of months but by taking adequate rest and after resuming your training you can make the grade during the winter sports events.

Health will be good and you must continue to stick to your regiment of exercise and eating a healthy diet. Those not used to taking exercise will begin to feel listless and constantly complain of aches and pains. Even if you are not fond of exercise try leading a more active outdoor life to remain fit else there is likelihood of you suffering from arthritis, digestive disorders or migraine. Elderly may have to visit an ophthalmic surgeon and perhaps may require some surgery. Overall you will have a successful year.




The aggressive pursuit of ambition will certainly take you successfully to the cherished goal. With single minded devotion to your job and business you will succeed in every endeavor you undertake. A change of job or location is foreseen. Financial growth and stability is assured during this year. However you may need to tread carefully for in your path to success you may not inadvertently hurt colleagues, friends or even members of your family so much so that your success may not appear sweet due to a sense of loneliness. The middle level employees will get elevated to higher office and take independent charge of an important division. Successful travels inside and out the country will assure your position in your organization as a valuable asset. Business people will expand their sphere of influence by introducing new products and capturing wider markets.

Home and family life is fine though at times there will be complaints from elders and other members of your family of you spending less time at home thereby neglecting needs of others. This will cause some tension and a feeling of helplessness for once you get caught in a whirlpool of activity you may not be able to withdraw. Ill health of elders will cause concern and they may require hospitalization. The married will choose to spend more time away from home due to an oppressive atmosphere at home that they have themselves to blame for causing further tension with their mate. Youngsters will get involved in a serious relationship though they will remain noncommittal, and yet their sweetheart will remain steadfast and caring. Some of you may have more than one romantic association with the full knowledge of your beloved who may feel hurt but may not raise much objection.

Students have a difficult year ahead and they need to get down seriously to their studies. There will several reasons for distractions that will hamper their education and could result in a setback. Those appearing for any competitive exams better work hard if they wish to make the grade, especially if working towards joining administrative or foreign services. Sports persons will do much better for it is the academic activity that is under affliction of negative planetary influence and sports events are under better stars. Professional sports persons will get selected to state or national teams and will excel in their chosen field.

Health will be generally good. Most of you will enjoy robust health except some of you may feel emotionally low due to personal issues like isolation from loved ones and friends. By taking regular break from hard strenuous work life and spending more time with family will help you remain cheerful, healthy and happy.




You will have a remarkably successful year. All round prosperity and gains are assured to both the employed and those in business. The employed will receive promotion and additional benefits after they bring in results much above their given target. If working in smaller enterprise you will receive job offers from large organizations thereby assuring you of major growth in your career. Business people will do well in fresh ventures and the increase in profits will help them expand their routine work activities. Some of you will buy a new and larger office space to accommodate the growing number of employees. Overseas trade flourish and those in the business of imports or exports will sign fresh contracts. Some of you will get employment overseas and business people may decide to setup an office in a foreign country.

Home, family and personal life will be happy and socially you will get more active through participating in social causes. The married will enjoy an easy rapport with their mate and couples working together will get to share more time in each other’s company. Romance fills your life keeping you in high spirits throughout. There will be times when someone takes unusual interest in you but your loyalty to your mate will keep you away from such temptations. Youngsters will lead a life full of adventure and romance having a couple of mild flirtations. A serious love affair this year will make you think about settling down in matrimony and if between the age of 20- 28 you are likely to get married this year.

Students will have good year and most of you will excel in your exams. Those of you finishing their basic education will manage to get a seat in the college of their choice. Some of you may opt to travel abroad for higher studies in universities of repute. Sports persons will be recipient of awards and honors especially in individual events. Professional sports persons will achieve international recognition by breaking a record in their chosen field.

Health will be fine and most of you will take to physical training to remain fit and sprightly. Some of you who may have gained weight will decide to get into shape with regular exercise and eating healthy diet. Elderly will also enjoy a good health except for minor issues like dental care and occasional stomach aches. Overall you have a good period ahead with nothing much to complain.




You will have a favorable period ahead despite disturbing trends in the financial market. Your routine business may appear stagnant with no further growth but some fresh deals unrelated to your regular work will bring ample profits to keep you happy. You must go along with the trends and not take any chances with your funds on the advice of others. If you do not come across any opportunities try not to seek fresh avenues of investments for in your anxiety you could make grave mistakes. You may have to wait a while for some favorable developments that will get you a chance to improve your business and profitability. The employed must stick to their jobs that assure security and regular income. There will be times you may get frustrated when you feel there is neither further growth nor improvement in financial situation but leaving your job or taking up another work will create more problems than solving your worries.

Domestic scene is fine with youngsters enjoying full support and love of their elders. Youngsters seeking financial assistance from their parents for higher education or for setting up a business venture will be able to get all that they need along with the blessings from their family. The married will go through difficult times with their mate with their differences creating ever wider communication gap. If you seek and follow the advice of your elders you will overcome misunderstandings both of you suffer. There will be moments of anger and desperation that must be controlled else your separation will become a certainty.

Students will need to work hard throughout on regular basis in order to get through with reasonably good results in their exams. Those studying abroad or away from home will do much better due to them getting all the time to study without the distraction of family affairs. Those in the final years of their education or training will do exceptionally well assuring them of a good opening in their respective careers. Sports persons having done well earlier must maintain their training regiment to avoid a drop in their fitness levels.

Most of you will enjoy normal health but are required to maintain strict control over your eating habits. It is quite likely that some of you may be vulnerable to infection in the respiratory system or digestive disorders that could cause serious trouble at a later stage. Any sign or indication of infection must be reported to your physician by going for a thorough checkup. By and large your health will be fine.




Your career will take an upward swing and the employed will be pleased with the progress they make in their jobs and profession. Financial situation too will improve and to the level that you will manage to put away substantial funds in savings and long term investments. Those of you working in small enterprise will manage to get employed in organizations of repute that will set them up on the path to growth. Fresh graduates seeking employment will get into multinational organization and may get posted within the country itself. Business people will look for fresh avenues for investments and will register growth in their income and profit. Those in trading and exports/imports especially in jewelry, textiles, garments and food products or pharmaceuticals will expand their business into newer regions. Professionals will do well and will get onto the panels of important institutions as consultants.

Personal relations will be just about normal though the married may go through difficult phase in their relationship. It seems your mate may feel stifled in marital life due to your overbearing attitude and domineering nature. Your nature to take complete control over the domestic and social life may not go well with your mate causing lots of disputes quarrels and fights. You need to be more understanding and sympathetic to the needs of your mate to avoid major problems that could lead to the verge of the two of you getting separated. Though no permanent split is foreseen but you will have to make a few compromises to save the situation before it gets serious. Youngsters will be busy in their own activities and with friends though the romantic aspect could be missing. This may be due to your remaining focused on your education or career and remaining content with just having good friends.

Educational pursuits come under favorable planetary aspect and you are going to do well in your studies and exams. Those preparing for the finals or taking competitive exams will get through successfully after having put in serious efforts in their study and training. Sports activities too come into prominence and those desirous of getting into competitive games will get selected by able trainers after they are spotted in some school/college or state level games.

Health will be fine though some of you are prone to suffer from cough cold and respiratory problems. This is particularly for youngsters leading a very stressful life and neglecting their food and diet and are irregular in their eating habits. Pay attention to your health by leading a more disciplined life and taking adequate rest and you will be fine.




You have an interesting and a successful time ahead. When the going is good in business you must then devote all your time and attention in making money, and as and when you notice that the times are getting risky then withdraw. Do not act smart and try changing situation relying solely on your business acumen for when the times are bad you can do nothing to reverse the trend. Sitting back and enjoying your life will be the best to go through the negative phase. However remain alert to those opportunities that will appear in a flash and must be captured at once to derive benefits and there will be several such opening during the course of the year. The employed will fare better by sticking to their jobs though at times it will be difficult for your seniors are likely to give you grueling task, may be with the intent that you will quit. Under no provocation you must resign for you will not get suitable employment for long.

Home and family life is happy and cordiality reigns in all relationships. You will be quite popular with young and old and will be sought due to your happy go lucky and helpful nature. Needless to say there will be no dearth of admirers from the opposite sex though you will stay away from every temptation. A serious romance is likely to develop when you encounter an old colleague or an acquaintance and strike instant rapport as if you had never lost touch with each other. If eligible there are strong chances that you two get married this year. The married will share and enjoy each other’s company baring a brief incident when an old associate of the opposite sex suddenly appears on the scene trying to revive the relationship. There are no chances of you getting entangled in such affairs and that will be enough to pacify your beloved.

Students will have a successful year and will continue to do well in all their tests and exams. Those studying overseas may complete their education and return to start their career in their home country. Those studying law, journalism, medicine and accounts will complete their finals with distinction and get an opportunity to start their career with organization of repute. It is for students from class 8th to 9th that the time may not be favorable and they may begin to drop their grades due to lack of interest in studies.

Health is fine throughout though sports persons need to be careful for some minor injury can keep them out of competition. Those who have recently tasted success in games have to be particularly careful for neglect in training or an injury that bars their selection could spell end of their professional career. Nothing to worry otherwise with a little care you will enjoy good robust health.