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Weekly Forecast

Prediction for 19-03-2017 to 25-03-2017


Financial gains accrue through some unexpected quarter. Business people must rely on their own assessment while planning fresh investments for all systematic analysis and logic of the so called experts seem to go awry under current situation in the market. The employed that are keen to change job and location are likely to receive two offers causing a bit of confusion. You may be keen to choose the one that gives you more time with your family.


You will get all the co-operation you need form the authorities who will be in a mood to help provided all your paper work is complete. Some trusted friends will see to it that you now move in the desired direction with speed. Youngsters will provide you with a pleasant surprise with a trophy or an award they have won in a quiz or a competition. Love life proves exciting with your mate in mischievous mood.


You will have a fruitful week. You will be able to catch up with pending work for which you may need help of a colleague with a particularly difficult assignment. Matters concerning applications and interviews will have favorable response. A heavy workload may be tackled by properly assigning priority but in no case pass on some delicate assignments to juniors who may not handle it in the way you would. Travel this week proves beneficial.


The employed are given option to move to another division and a change in location. It may appear sinister to you but since the change is inevitable opt for moving to another location. You have a progressive career and with hard and sincere work you will prove your merit to authorities. Business people will come across opportunities to increase their turnover by adopting certain new measures in marketing strategy.


Matters related to education, training or travel come under favorable aspects bringing successful conclusion. If you wish to set up a small enterprise you will now have the required funds and resources to do so. It is advisable to work independently for partnerships will not last long. In fact those already working in joint ventures will be heading for a split. The married or those in love will find their sweetheart distant and aloof.


You may encounter some obstacles and delays in your work that could be irritating. However it is better to be patient and not force issues for that could lead to a major setback. After initial hardships and a long wait the work will pick up speed and you will find the changed circumstances had actually culminated into better results and profits. You will then be in mood to take a holiday in the company of your family and beloved.


Continue to work sincerely without any expectations and not worry about what others might have to say about you. Some good news regarding promotion to higher office will certainly come to you as a pleasant surprise. Students will have to work harder in order to achieve better marks, which in turn will help them in getting admission to technical courses. Youngsters will take delight in amorous sport with a newfound companion.


Someone may propose a work offer not necessarily in the field of your expertise. But with your contact you will be able to execute the work gainfully. It will be a lucrative contract but speed will be of essence. If you have business contacts with some foreign countries you may receive some interesting inquiries to which you will have to respond quickly by taking advantage of facility extended to you by a friend working overseas.


If routine work is going through various hurdles do not struggle to set it right. Give it a break and rethink new strategy and after a while you will find a method to resolve your problems effortlessly. Financial benefits accrue through fresh projects and you need to concentrate on taking advantage of new technology that will help streamline your work for efficiency. Love life gets interesting when you get introduced to a charming person at a social meeting.


Business people will be better off taking up small work offers than get lured by bulk orders that could block their funds indefinitely. A default by the opposite party is likely resulting in a loss. Traders must stay away from setting up a production unit for they have no luck in industry. The married or those in love having some misunderstandings must try to resolve these early else they could well be heading for a temporary separation.


Work is under control and you have ample time to catch up with personal affairs. Some of you will scout additional avenues for investment or work that could be related to your hobby or a pastime. Business interests are successfully concluded with the signing of a fresh deal. Youngsters and those who are fancy free are introduced to someone interesting from the opposite sex that would spark off instant friendship with chances of a romantic affair.


The employed need not fear when a change of management happens in a few months. You will get absorbed at the same role with better emoluments. You can look forward to a more challenging role when a complete reorganization happens within the office staff. Professionals will do well in their field of specialization and may be called upon to attend and address a seminar to be held in another town or city. A new friendship with a person of the opposite sex is likely.