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Weekly Forecast

Prediction for 19-02-2017 to 25-02-2017


If negotiating for any new project it may be imperative to seek legal opinion before you take matters any further. The delay could get frustrating at times but the rewards are worth the wait and trouble. Youngsters looking for employment opportunities may receive quite a few calls for interviews but the right offer may still be elusive. It is advisable to get into any reasonably suitable job till you get offer from large organization.


If you are connected with work, which requires a creative approach, you are sure to come up with ideas, which will be appealing and effective. This will gain recognition in your trade and you will receive some profitable offers. Traders and those in exports will sign a large contract that will keep them profitably engaged for long. Income and profit accruing now must be put in savings and not in expanding your business.


Concentrate on the assignment on hand and stop chasing new deals for it is your present work that has the potential for growth. Changing job at this juncture will prove retro and counterproductive. If you receive any last minute assignments on subjects in which you have a natural flair be firm and demand your own price. Some of the extra funds can be invested for a short term so that you can withdraw when required.


You may be not be looking at the right direction and inflexibly holding on to a losing project. Better abandon it and grab the offer that has been proposed by an acquaintance. It will be a lucrative contract but speed will be of essence. If you have business contacts with some foreign countries you may receive some interesting inquiries to which you will have to respond quickly and take advantage of all the modern means of instant communication.


You may feel reluctant to take up a certain job that according to you may not be right. It is better to be upfront and decline than accept for fear of losing your job. Your honesty will be appreciated and your point of view will be accepted. Business people will get an opportunity to explore a new area of investment that could well be a money spinner. Personal life is full of happiness and joyful togetherness.


You need to work on your creative ideas that may require a short break from routine work, even though there are a couple of lucrative deals in the pipe line. If you feel overburdened it would be wise to delegate responsibility and redistribute the work. This will give the others more experience while you can personally look after a few things, which only you can deal with confidence. Youngsters will shine in sports activities.


The employed doing very well in their job must not get lured by alternative offers from other organizations. Making a change at this juncture will not prove beneficial in the long run for it is quite likely that the role being proffered may work out totally different from what may have been promised. Traders or commission agents making profit in their current deals must cash in now than wait any longer. Those in love may develop some differences over family issues.


Your social contacts will help in procuring a business where the initial work may be meager but ensures possibility of a regular flow of work, which will steady your income. Your creative talent comes in for praise in the media through one of your show or campaign and will bring some useful inquiries, which can be pursued with profit.


If you are well entrenched in your organization it will be a mistake to get lured by fresh work offers howsoever lucrative they may appear. It is quite likely that someone wants you to leave the company with intent to occupy your position. Love life takes an interesting turn when you meet someone from your past and discover the person still has same attraction and deep attachment towards you reviving old passion.


A change of job seems inevitable for the employed for they feel the need to move on. It is likely that you receive two equally good offers from organizations of repute that making a choice could be a dilemma. If seeking challenges and active role on research and developing new modules then the one requiring travel will be your choice. Love life undergoes a rough patch and some of you may decide to go separate ways.


If you are thinking of starting your own venture you will succeed in getting the necessary funds and clearance to start your unit. There could be some tension on the home front that you don’t seem to understand. Apparently there seem to be no reason for such an intriguing situation. It may possibly be due to misunderstanding. Wait for some time when the situation will automatically clear.


The sudden need for funds for work or personal affair could send you into a panic. You can safely draw from your savings or reserves and not worry about the expense for you will soon receive some earlier dues that were written off by you. The recently married desirous of progeny may need to seek medical consultation before going ahead with their plans. Lovers having some differences over their future may decide to split.