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Weekly Forecast

Prediction for 21-01-2018 to 27-01-2018


Traders will begin to receive bulk orders requiring large initial funds to execute these profitably. You may need to raise a loan that will be sanctioned on an easy term. Now is the time to secure your business by diligent repayment of the loan you received. Those looking to invest in real estate or buy their own house may have to postpone their plans. The single will meet someone interesting.


The employed will feel secure in their jobs more so after they receive some additional benefits and allowances for successfully concluding a particular assignment. Those in the field of marketing will come up with a novel idea in promoting their products and services resulting in increase in the market share. Business expansion is on the cards for entrepreneurs having small scale business or industry. Youngsters will have rollicking time in the company of their friends.


The employed will have to adjust to new work pattern introduced by a senior manager that recently joined their organization. You can look forward to a more challenging role when a complete reorganization happens within the office staff. Professionals will do well in their field of specialization and may be called upon to attend and address a seminar to be held in another town or city. A new friendship with a person of the opposite sex is likely.


The employed keen for a change of job are likely to receive an offer from an organization of repute. If the job offer is to your liking you must accept even if the designation is one level lower than the position you hold now. Business people will do very well after they successfully implement an innovative business model to improve profitability. If seeking election to some important office you may face stiff competition but emerge winner.


Job seekers are likely to receive two offers making the choice a bit difficult. It is better to evaluate reputation of the organization than the remuneration being proffered. Some of you are likely to receive employment abroad that will establish you in your career. The fancy free are likely to get romantically involved with a colleague of the opposite sex and this association could prove exciting as well as enduring.


You have to attend a couple of urgent meetings to discuss infusion of extra capital for your expansion plans. Fortunately you have done your homework well by preparing a detailed paper with all the relevant statistics and background material. Senior executives may consider changing the course of their work for lack of further growth due to automation in the industry. Those with technical background must adapt to new technology if they wish to remain relevant in the job market.


Your work gets appreciated when you surpass your target assigned to you. With sincere effort and hard work you put in now will continue to show excellent results that marks you for promotion for higher office. Business people must seize the opportunity that comes in the form of a favorable offer for investment in real estate. Those keen to shift residence must do so after having completed all the necessary changes in the interiors.


A favorable change in your circumstances will put an end to the frustrating period you went through recently. This will bring in some positive changes starting with some interesting offers out of which you will have to select one, which suits your capabilities and provides opportunity for growth. Do not read meanings into the attention you get from a colleague of the opposite sex. If there are any feelings the person will overtly express.


If you are inclined to change your job this is the right time to approach a couple of influential friends. Do not accept work offers that are not related to your background or experience. In the meantime you can work on some schemes that can enhance your income. Your business plans may require some more time and money as some calculations go wrong due to sudden change in the market situation.


You encounter delays and obstacles at work and while commuting to office. It could be quite irritating for you find yourself helpless in overcoming these hassles. Just relax and wait for planetary situations to improve and to get back to routine pattern. An earlier business deal shows gradual decline causing anxiety and concern. It is better to wait and attend to other business before taking any decision about this particular transaction.


The employed are given option to move to another division with a change in location. It may appear sinister to you but since the change is inevitable you must accept it. You have a progressive career and with hard and sincere work you will prove your merit to authorities. Business people will come across opportunities to increase their turnover by adopting certain new measures in marketing strategy.


There will be opportunities to travel quite frequently including overseas. This is a favorable time for you to start a new job or to launch a new business enterprise. In fact you have all the necessary ingredients as if these were waiting to be utilized for forthcoming enterprise. Those desirous of working overseas will receive a favorable offer. A creative urge will receive recognition and will also turn to be quite lucrative.