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Weekly Forecast

Prediction for 24-09-2017 to 30-09-2017


The employed are given option to move to another division with change in location. It may appear disturbing to you but since the change is inevitable you may as well accept it. You have a progressive career and with hard and sincere work you will prove your merit to authorities. Business people will come across opportunities to increase their turnover by adopting certain new measures in strategic marketing.


All the work you have in mind is accomplished without any hitches or hurdles. This will surprise you as it has taken less time than you reserved for. Even your appointment with the authorities went smoothly and you found them sympathetic and willing to help within their limitations. You now need to methodically plan your future strategy. It is better to seek counsel with an acquaintance who may have better experience to advise you.


Continue to work sincerely without any expectations and not worry about what others might have to say about you. Some good news regarding promotion to higher office will certainly come to you as a pleasant surprise. Students will have to work harder in order to achieve better marks, which in turn will help them in getting admission to technical courses. Youngsters will take delight in amorous sport with a new companion.


You will have a couple of significant offers, which can help your career goals. Be choosy and think of the nature of work which you find pleasing and where you can develop your talent further. There may be an opportunity to take up a challenging assignment, which will give you a chance to prove your capacity to handle sensitive and complex issue. Its acceptance will be remunerative. You will have to continue your exercise regimen to remain fit.


You must anticipate the future trends in the market and be the first to plan your strategy to maximum advantage. Business people must setup their plans for expansion for now is the right opportunity to make some investments. If you have business contacts with some foreign countries you may receive some interesting inquiries to which you will have to respond quickly and also take prompt decision lest you lose out on the offer.


Business people will plan a fresh strategy to capture the yet unexplored market. Success is assured though initially it may be slow and frustrating. Youngsters looking for employment opportunities may receive quite a few calls for interviews but the right offer may still be elusive. It is advisable to get into any reasonably suitable job till you get offer from large organization. It is likely to be a long wait.


A new method you evolved over time has helped to streamline your work pattern. Some of you will scout additional avenues for investment or work that could be related to your hobby or a pastime. Business interests are successfully concluded with the signing of a fresh deal. Youngsters and those who are fancy free are introduced to someone interesting from the opposite sex that would spark off instant friendship with chances of a romantic affair.


You must continue to work independently in your job without expecting any help or cooperation from colleagues. Maybe there are some jealous elements who may want you to leave for they think you are blocking their growth in the company. Business people must wait and watch the market trends and not hasten to make any fresh investments. At home an elder or a parent may require medical attention for some chronic ailment.


Your work gets appreciated when you surpass your target assigned to you for the last quarter. With sincere effort and hard work you put in now will continue to show excellent results that marks you for promotion for higher office. Business people must seize the opportunity that comes in the form of a favorable offer for investment in real estate. Those keen to shift residence will do so in the forthcoming week when interiors get completed.


It may be a frustrating week for the employed when they get summoned by their senior and given dressing down for no fault of theirs. It will be in your interest not to react for the senior will soon realize his or her mistake and invite you for a lunch to clear the air. Business people will have to remain alert and cash their gains when their deals begin to register profit. Any delay could mean missing an opportunity and suffer loss.


A new proposal you submit to your organization will generate immense interest in the seniors who may seriously consider implementing the same. You will get all the co-operation you need from the authorities who will be in a mood to help provided all your paper work is complete. Youngsters will provide you with a pleasant surprise with a trophy or an award they have won in a quiz or a competition. Love life proves exciting with your mate in mischievous mood.


You will have a fruitful week. You will be able to catch up with pending work for which you may need help of a colleague with a particularly difficult assignment. Matters concerning applications and interviews will have favorable response. A heavy workload may be tackled by properly assigning priority but in no case pass on some delicate assignments to juniors who may not handle it in the way you would. Travel this week proves beneficial.