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Weekly Forecast

Prediction for 13-08-2017 to 19-08-2017


You have to attend a couple of urgent meetings to discuss infusion of extra capital for your expansion plans. Fortunately you have done your homework well by preparing a detailed paper with all the relevant statistics and background material. The employed will be inclined to apply for a prestigious and important job advertised lately. Even though you may not be qualified for this job your passion for the subject and knowledge about its working could get you an appointment letter.


Your patience and hard work will pay off and you would benefit financially if you keep a low profile. Your immediate senior knows you as a trouble shooter who is always ready to take up assignments even at short notice. An unexpected source and the new technology will bring in substantial profits in your venture. Remain focused and a follow up in the current venture will yield long term gains.


You encounter delays and obstacles at work and while commuting to office. It could be quite irritating for you find yourself helpless in overcoming these hassles. Just relax and wait for planetary situations to improve and to get back to routine pattern. An earlier business deal shows gradual decline causing anxiety and concern. It is better to wait and attend to other business before taking any decision about this particular transaction.


After a real hard work and grueling schedule you may like to relax. However a sudden emergency at work will require you to rush to work thwarting all your plans for the weekend. Work is hectic and profitable but the routine seems to be adding to your fatigue. This is necessary if you wish to move forward in your career. Love life may take a back seat. Youngsters will feel tied down to study or work and not as free as they would want to be.


Those in the field of marketing need to increase their social interaction if they wish to make any headway in their career. Your creative talent comes in for praise in the media through one of your show or campaign and will bring some useful inquiries, which can be pursued with profit. News from afar may have some opportunities for developing a fresh business module that could enhance your income.


You will have to rely on your own resources for a new project for others could just be making promises without actually coming forward to help. Stick to your plans that you have considered thoroughly having long experience in such projects. The employed will be planning to move to another organization with a view to changing their field of work. The married and those in love are likely to have tiffs over trivial issues.


Your social contacts will help in procuring a business where the initial work may be meager but ensures possibility of a regular flow of work, which will improve your financial situation. If in any creative field of work you need to be persistent with your efforts to promote your ideas before you succeed in your endeavor. You are bound to get recognition though monetary benefits will follow much later.


A change of job seems inevitable for the employed for they feel the need to move on. It is likely that you receive two equally good offers from organizations of repute that making a choice could be a dilemma. If seeking challenges and active role on research and developing new modules then the one requiring travel will be a better choice. Love life undergoes a rough patch and may require some cajoling and spending more time with your mate.


You will do well in your job and business due to your well thought of plan and strategy and applying these at an opportune moment. Professional like teachers, counselors and legal luminaries will be in demand and are likely to be in the limelight for their successful handling of an important matter. Youngsters desirous of joining the media or television will sign fresh contracts that will set them up in their career. Love life runs smoothly.


Travel on work will yield desired results. You may have to extend your trip by a couple of more days due to getting favorable inquiries from the customers. Some of the new jobs or assignments you receive will require detailed preparations to ensure perfect compliance and success. At an office get together youngsters will find new love interest in a colleague of the opposite sex that may have joined their organization quite recently.


You need to be cautious in money matters for there may be some sort of an inquiry regarding certain deal you are currently negotiating. It is better to postpone fresh transactions for a while and avoid any investment in a deal that does not come under your routine business. The employed are doing well and must not get lured into accepting a new offer howsoever tempting it may appear. Most evenings are spent in the company of your mate or beloved.


A long drawn legal issue will come in for settlement. Be prepared to make a few adjustments and compromise that is in your own interest. Business people will find their new projects slow in taking off due to doubts raised by investors. There is no harm in reworking the entire deal if you wish to start this particular venture.