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Weekly Forecast

Prediction for 23-04-2017 to 29-04-2017


The employed seeking a job must wait for the right offer and not accept just any proposal that comes their way for that could deflect them from their long term goal. Independent entrepreneurs will expand their work after they receive a large contract keeping them gainfully engaged for long. Those working in the media or television will be in the limelight. The married and those in love will spend weekend in pleasant company of their mate or beloved.



Don’t get upset at the news going around in the market for some changes in policy that will have severe impact on your business. If you continue with your preplanned strategy this could be an opportunity to make substantial monetary gains. In fact you are going to be lucky in so many ways and the fear should not find any place. A positive approach to whatever you do will lead you to happy times. Monitor your investments.



Financial gains accrue through some unexpected quarter. Business people must rely on their own assessment while planning fresh investments for all systematic analysis and logic of the so called experts seem to go awry under current situation in the market. The employed that are keen to change job and location are likely to receive two offers causing a bit of confusion. You may be keen to choose the one that gives you more time with your family.



You will get all the co-operation you need form the authorities who will be in a mood to help provided all your paper work is complete. Some trusted friends will see to it that you now move in the desired direction with speed. Youngsters will provide you with a pleasant surprise with a trophy or an award they have won in a quiz or a competition. Love life proves exciting with your mate in mischievous mood.



The employed are given option to move to another division and a change in location. It may appear sinister to you but since the change is inevitable opt for moving to another location. You have a progressive career and with hard and sincere work you will prove your merit to authorities. Business people will come across opportunities to increase their turnover by adopting certain new measures in marketing strategy.



You will have a fruitful week. You will be able to catch up with pending work for which you may need help of a colleague with a particularly difficult assignment. Matters concerning applications and interviews will have favorable response. A heavy workload may be tackled by properly assigning priority but in no case pass on some delicate assignments to juniors who may not handle it in the way you would. Travel this week proves beneficial.



Matters related to sports training or travel come under favorable aspects bringing successful conclusion. If you wish to set up a small enterprise you will now have the required funds and resources to do so. It is advisable to work independently for partnerships will not last long. In fact those already working in joint ventures will be heading for a split. The married or those in love will find their sweetheart tensed due to some problems in the family.



There will be opportunities to travel quite frequently including overseas. This is a favorable time for you to start a new job or to launch a new business enterprise. In fact you have all the necessary ingredients as if these were waiting to be utilized for forthcoming enterprise. Those desirous of working overseas will receive a favorable offer. A creative urge will receive recognition and will also turn to be quite lucrative.



You will have a couple of significant offers, which can help your career goals.  Be choosy and think of the nature of work which you find pleasing and where you can develop your talent further. There may be an opportunity to take up a challenging assignment, which will give you a chance to prove your capacity to handle sensitive and complex issue. Its acceptance will be remunerative. You will have to continue your exercise regimen to remain fit.



The employed seeking a change of job will receive some good offers. Those working overseas may decide to return to their homeland and set up their own enterprise. Any move in job or career will now prove rewarding in every aspect. The single and eligible may receive proposal for marriage and they are likely to get engaged soon. Those in love for long and may be in a live in relationship will now officially get married.



Working in cooperation with others will prove more beneficial than trying to go alone.. If you are seeking a leadership role in your job and organization you must work as a team and earn respect of colleagues and juniors. Business people will come across a proposal that is worth considering if it is related to their line of trade. A family function is likely that may bring about a marital alliance for a youngster.



Creative work, communications, seminars and meetings, all keep you on your toes. You will successfully implement your plans this week. An associate may seek your opinion regarding a certain venture that even appeals to you as a profit-making project. You are on the threshold of setting up a large project and your friend’s proposal seems to fit perfectly in your scheme. You can propose a tie up that will work well.