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Weekly Forecast

Prediction for 18-02-2018 to 24-02-2018


If you are unable to produce good work the fault lies with you. Lack of enthusiasm and disinterest in the job is sure to get you out of work. Stick to your job and work hard to avoid retrenchment for there may not be another offer available for long. The married and those in love will face problems in their relationship more due to their mistrust and irritable nature towards their mate. Take a break for a few days to overcome the bad patch.


Someone you know and can trust will offer you some monetary advice. Act upon it and you are likely to gain. Those working in private organization are likely to be in elevated positions soon followed by an increase in remuneration. People with a creative flair will shine. If you are keen on a career in the media or working in television serials make contact with right people. Love life goes through strange circumstances.


The employed are assigned a project that is not part of their training or academic background. However you will surprise everyone including yourself when you successfully carry through the assignment. Business people must carefully study different modules for investment for old tried and tested methods may not work under current circumstances. You are likely to get introduced to a charming person of the opposite sex that may arouse love interest.


It would be better to restrict your activities to routine work. The employed might decide to go on a health binge. Regular exercise and a proper diet will help you to feel more relaxed and fit. Cultural activities also come to the fore. You will spend a little time to pursue a hobby or pastime. Love life sees a few moments of discord. You might decide on a mutual course of action to help save your relationship.


A senior who had the habit of restricting you and putting hurdles in your way of working is now leaving. By virtue of your seniority and expertise you are to take over the position that will now enable you to try out your ideas based on your experience. Those in the field of media and arts will be in demand after their recent work got wide acclaim. Your mate or beloved brightens up your love life by making some exciting plans.


inadvertently for things have now been sorted out. Acceptance of mistake and genuine penitence gets appreciated and you can begin afresh your work or relationship that got affected. Those who left home to make their career and life in far away regions will return to the warmth and comfort of family atmosphere that they missed. Financial stability is assured to youngsters.


Your business activities are likely to take a giant leap forward. You race ahead in an area where you already have a foothold and the necessary experience that go with it. Your hard work and innovative measures will help you to expand and increase your turnover. A bonus or a raise will come your way. Some modest gains are likely through commission or speculation at the stock market. Your investments will bring good returns despite lull in the market.


Youngsters starting out in their career are likely to setup a small work station at their home. It will be a favorable project that has the potential to grow into a successful enterprise. Sports persons participating in competitive games will excel in their respective field of specialization. Some of you are likely to take part in international events and earn wide recognition. A new romance is foreseen for the fancy free.


A conciliatory approach in any argument or dispute is better for your opponent appears to be in a better position and at an advantage due to seniority. Matters regarding business, finance or career must not be taken personally but in a larger perspective to achieve your long term goals. It is not a sign of weakness but rather of strength when you continue to work sincerely even when criticized at times. A good work never goes unrewarded.


You will be able to improve your finances as the project, which you have launched is proceeding according to plans. You may now think of expansion and a larger turnover. This may require more capital and manpower. It may be useful to seek a partner or a small group, which can help. With some overseas contacts you may like to take a trip. This will enable you to establish personal contacts and evaluate the situation for yourself.


Those in any creative field of work will do very well and improve their financial status. Some of you may get nominated to prestigious institutions as honorary members. Those working for the state or government organization will be given independent charge of an important project. Youngsters may decide to take a break from their career and get into some social organization and work for environment or humanitarian issues.


Business people must rein in their enthusiasm and not get into expansion mode for a setback is foreseen. You must try to consolidate your current position else the competition will overtake and capture your share of the market. The employed will be doing well and if keen to move to another organization for better prospects now is the right time to do so. The married or those in love that may be having problems will resolve their differences.