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Weekly Forecast

Prediction for 19-11-2017 to 25-11-2017


It will be a lucky time for those who are seeking employment. After completing some technical training you are likely to get an offer or two when you can be selective keeping in mind long term goals. Your social life will flower and you may have a number of visitors some of whom may be from another country. Your overseas connections are sure to bring long term advantages.


An increase in work activities may require additional assistance to meet all of your commitments. Business correspondence must be attended to personally for some important information in an email may require urgent response. The employed may have to travel frequently that may now begin to get on your nerves. Personal life too gets in a mess due to your lack of time for home and family. Youngsters may find their beloved aloof and withdrawn.


Your special talent will be in demand as you receive numerous assignments with attractive remuneration. This may be an ideal opportunity to be independent of a job, which demands fixed hours. You will be able to work out an agreement with a firm, which will give you a steady income for a long period. If you have been contemplating a house move make a beginning by searching for a suitable one. Take to jogging or brisk walking to remain fit.


Your decision to take up study course to diversify your skills will be a positive plus point when the management decides on restructuring or redundancy in terms of manpower. It may open up more fresh opportunities where you may have a chance to reach your career goals. You may have to attend to a legal matter and if you are trying for a settlement you are likely to succeed in your efforts to mutually agreeable terms. Weekend holds pleasant surprise.


The employed feeling unhappy with their present work may feel inclined to quit. It will be an error of judgment if you put in your papers without having an alternative offer in hand. Do not listen to those who are trying to pump your ego by saying you deserve much better. Concentrate on your work and wait for the right opportunity to put across your case to the seniors. You are likely to get hike in salary and position soon.


You will take a break and spend time to study the market trends before taking any major financial decision. This would be a wise move considering there are several new developments that make it necessary to revise your strategy and work out your plans anew. The employed should try to stick to their present jobs and not get overly anxious at the changes taking place within their organization. Family life moves on smoothly.


You feel settled in your new job or work and will strive to bring in some new strategy and plan a business module that is bound to improve your work output. Some of you will be given charge to independently handle a new division that you may have worked to setup in coordination with colleagues. Business people must remain cautious and constantly monitor their work for a downward slide seems imminent. Take corrective measures soon.


With a set of favorable circumstances and advance work you will be able to launch a new production unit, which is bound to increase your turnover. For getting approval of the authorities you have to make some amendments in the application to suit the new requirements. A well placed person can provide an introduction to someone who can help in procurement of large and steady orders. Change of job, which you desired, may now not be necessary.


Independent entrepreneurs will do well but will have to do a lot of follow up work when it will not be possible to pass on the work to the juniors. At your work place, go slow on your desire to change the job. An opportunity will come up and you get elevated to an important position with your experience and good relationship with the management. Devote some time to family that feels sidelined.


The routine work proceeds smoothly and you will feel secured in your job and business. The management may plan an excursion with senior executives with their families for training in an informal environment. The romantically inclined will have ample opportunities to mingle with members of the opposite sex with possibility of some mild flirtations. It is quite likely that what begins as just a casual affair may subsequently get more meaningful and intimate.


A vigorous pursuit of your ambition takes you closer to your goal. Do not let initial hardships and obstacles deter you from your chosen path. In any event most of you must have already given up security and taken a firm decision to make it in life even if odds are stacked against you. Success is certain and you will be lauded for your brave moves and unorthodox methods in fulfilling your objectives. Your beloved will be a source of strength.


Opportunities abound for making additional money provided you are able to spot correctly and act fast. However do not overlook routine work that is also poised for a major growth. Those working for the state or government organization are likely to get promoted to higher office and given handsome incentives. This could be in recognition of your sustained good work you’ve done for a long time. The married may shift to a new residence.