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Weekly Forecast

Prediction for 18-03-2018 to 24-03-2018


New assignments bring in benefits. But you will have to concentrate on your own field of activity and not venture into fresh pastures. Accept projects as they take you towards your goal and that is what you should be out to achieve. Overseas influences are strong and encouraging and you are likely to do well if working jointly with someone. Make the most of favourable chances that come your way, as that will help you improve your financial situation.


Youngsters will be torn between two options regarding the course of their career. There are more opportunities in their present location but they seem to be keen on moving to another city. Taking either option will be fine in the long run though rapid progress is assured if they stay put where they are presently located. It seems the desire to be closer to their loved one is too overpowering finally leading to their moving out.


You must create opportunities and take the initiative to surge ahead in your career. Proper planning and well thought out strategy will take you closer to your goals. Business people can take a calculated risk in some trading activity for they are likely to make substantial gains in a onetime deal. However they are cautioned from taking any shortcuts by resorting to unfair practice for then they are certain to get into trouble.


If you are thinking of starting your own venture you will find your friends eager and ready to extend all help. Discuss the matter with your family or beloved. You will be surprised and offended at the dull response of your mate. Apparently there seem to be no reason for such an intriguing situation. It may possibly be due to some personal misunderstanding. Control yourself and wait for some time when automatically the situation will be clear.


If you are inclined to change your job this is the right time to approach a couple of influential friends who are sure to help you but do not take any hasty action till the matter is decided to your satisfaction. In the mean time you can work on some schemes that can enhance your income. Your business plans may require some more time and money as some calculations go wrong due to sudden change in the market situation.


The employed keen for a change of job are likely to receive an offer from an organization of repute. If the job offer is to your liking you must accept even if the designation is one level lower than the position you hold now. Business people will do very well after they successfully implement an innovative business model to improve profitability. If seeking election to some important office you may face stiff competition but emerge winner.


If looking for ways and means to make your work conditions more comfortable without sacrificing profitability and growth then setting up a home office is the best option. This is the luxury and the freedom that the self employed can exercise and enjoy. Youngsters participating in sports competitions will do well and win fresh laurels and cash awards. A new friendship with a person of the opposite sex gets more intimate and meaningful.


It may be a frustrating week for the employed when they get summoned by their senior and given dressing down for no fault of theirs. It will be in your interest not to react for the senior will soon realize his or her mistake and invite you for a lunch to clear the air. Business people will have to remain alert and cash their gains when their deals begin to register profit. Any delay could mean missing an opportunity and suffer loss.


Some expansion is a must if you have to look after the increasing turnover that also brings in larger profits. It may be necessary to discuss the proposal with your partner who is capable of bringing extra finance at short notice. The matter concerning a joint family property is a touchy subject but this is an opportune time to be frank and forthright and give your views. The single will meet someone interesting.


Joint ventures and partnership concerns do well and you will improve the profitability by exploring new regions. Some of you may set up a branch office in another metropolitan city. Those working on commission or doing trading must stick to their field and not get tempted into setting up their own unit for production. The married or those in love will have problems in adjusting their time schedules making them leading their separate lives.


You may feel reluctant to take up a certain job that according to you may not be right. It is better to be upfront and decline than accept for fear of losing your job. Your honesty will be appreciated and your point of view will be accepted. Business people will get an opportunity to explore a new area of investment that could well be a money spinner. Personal life is full of happiness and joyful togetherness.


All the work you have in mind is accomplished without any hitches or hurdles. This will surprise you as it has taken less time than you reserved for. Even your appointment with the authorities went smoothly and you found them sympathetic and willing to help within their limitations. You now need to methodically plan your future strategy. It is better to seek counsel with an acquaintance who may have better experience to advise you.