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Weekly Forecast

Prediction for 22-10-2017 to 28-10-2017


Hard work and sincere efforts combined with good public relations will lead to progressive growth in your career and business. Do not be in a rush to achieve your objectives for that could make you vulnerable to criticism and setback. Financial markets could be in turmoil and investors are required to exercise caution before taking up any position at the stock market. The married and those in love can look forward to an exciting weekend.


The employed will consider giving up their job to set up an independent venture. It is a favorable period to start work as a trader, commission agent or liaison work where there may not be much investment. If keen to set up a small scale manufacturing unit then you must first get the necessary approvals. Youngsters in love will get involved in a minor tiff with their beloved and they may not see each other for a couple of weeks.


The employed must be careful before recommending any person for a job in their own organization. There is a possibility of some kind of deception in that the same person could create problems in your own working. Business people must reevaluate their plans for fresh investments or putting in more funds in their current projects. It is better to be safe more so when there is general euphoria in the market perhaps due to rumors.


If contemplating bringing some changes in your work setup collect the necessary information and prepare a thorough project report. Seeking counsel with an expert to discuss your plans will help improve the viability of your venture. Your personal life is fine but make sure not to take your relationship with your mate or beloved for granted. It is likely your sweetheart may be seeking company of someone while you are busy in your career.


The employed desirous of adding further specialization to augment their resume will soon enroll themselves for an academic course. Business people will do well in cashing in their profits rather than invest more funds in their current project. Some of you are likely to travel for an interview or to negotiate a fresh business deal. The outcome of your journey will be rewarding. Love life takes an interesting turn for the young.


The new deal you were negotiating will now be finalized more or less on terms you had put forward. Your desire for a change in your present work and work place will be fulfilled when you are transferred to a place of your choice with a promotion and increment. This may involve travel to distant places, where you progress in new atmosphere. You will have to create a more conducive atmosphere at home to bring peace and harmony in your relationship.


Travel on work is foreseen and it will be fruitful. Some of you may travel overseas in pursuit of a career or to reconnoiter business opportunities. Financial gains are indicated through overseas contacts or through exports and imports. If eligible and keen to settle down in matrimony a proposal is likely to come along through someone living abroad. Those who feel that they do not wish to settle overseas must politely decline such offers.


Routine job and business activities proceed smoothly but there may be concern regarding heavy expenditure. Business people need to monitor the returns on their investment for the figures may fall short of their expectations. There may be an urgent need to curb unnecessary outlay on travel and entertainment. Personal life is fine though the married and those in love may get entangled in an extra marital affair causing problems with their mate.


The employed will decide to take some additional academic course or training with a view to promoting their career and work prospects. Those who may have given up an advance study course may either take a long leave or give up their jobs to complete their education. Business people working on a certain deal for long will now sign the agreement and commence work in due course. Some of you are likely to travel abroad on work cum holiday.


You need to consider each and every aspect before taking any major decision regarding your job or work. Plunging into anything new on the advice or suggestion of colleagues may not be a good idea and could prove counterproductive. It is better to play safe and not make any move until you receive offer for new work that is difficult to refuse. Love life may go through a bit of uncertainty. Do not try to seek any commitment for it may not be made.


You may have some difference of opinion with your partner about some expenses. Better sort it out before it creates a rift and affects your working. Your family may misinterpret your concentration in business and you will have to convince them of the true situation and that it is going to benefit the family in the long run. You need to be discreet in matters of the heart for someone is out to take advantage of your good nature.


You need to lie low for a while for circumstances are a bit tricky at work. Even a minor mistake can lead to a major setback in job or business. Fresh investments must be avoided and if earlier deals show profit these must be cashed at once. It seems you get surrounded with problems both at work and at home. That takes care of your love life and it will not be surprising if your mate or beloved gives an ultimatum to call it quits. Remain calm and let the storm blow over.