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Daily Forecast

Prediction for 15-12-2017


A favorable opportunity in the form of a job or business proposal is likely. At work you will accomplish a difficult task. This will win you the appreciation of your employer or senior and improve your image in your organization. You can look forward to financial benefits soon. Home and family life is peaceful and happy.


Regular work will bring the normal level of profits but you are likely to get sudden money. You increasingly feel that you can put your savings to more profitable use. This is a mistake. Let your money rest in fixed deposits. At home a pleasant feeling prevails


Look forward to some gains today. Temptations to invest your money are likely but avoid long term plans, for it could delay gains. Cash inflow is not a problem. Decide what to do and whom to trust on the basis of what you feel. Your decision will be the right one.


You will have a busy profitable day at work. Some of you will take charge of an important project, which will assure a steady income. You will be feeling much more confident of yourself. You will be able to get ahead with your plans which until now may have faced one delay or another. Love life is exciting and if keen on getting married you are likely to get engaged soon. Troubled relationships improve.


Strong action is needed at work but in a right direction. Understanding the problem will show you the right path. Be firm and correct in your actions, and look forward to the good times. You can look forward to a fruitful day and an enjoyable evening. There is a strong possibility of travel in the company of your family and friends to favorite holiday resort or even to attend a family function.


You will find an easier way to get work done faster but make sure your actions are not something that could lead to embarrassment later. Too much criticism and high expectations can sometimes ruin a perfectly good relationship. Learn to relax and enjoy life


You will be in the mood to take a risk. A new career opening will be interesting and is worth pursuing. Venture partnerships are better than mergers. You may be too preoccupied to notice that you are being insensitive to the needs of those who care for you. Try to make up for it this evening.


Meetings and talks will go off very well. Be patient and consider all factors before making a decision. An advance payment will materialize. Loved ones may feel that fun and laughter times are missing. It may be an effort for you to comply but is worth it for all-round happiness.


Those in communication, media or travel will get a breakthrough in their career. Artistic and creative pursuits will be rewarding. You will feel the need to be closer to a certain person with whom you can discuss your most intimate thoughts and inner uncertainties.


This is the time to make a move towards fulfilling aspirations. You have everything going for you and ample opportunities to make gains. It is a good day to put in applications for a job or a tender for a new business. You will make contact with someone important who seemed elusive until now. Your responsibilities may exhaust you mentally and physically but your mate will be a source of encouragement and strength.


News from overseas is favorable, and some of you will be traveling abroad on invitation from your business associates. You will be offered a large contract that you have been pursuing for a long time. An expected payment, perhaps from someone, who is away, is a surprise.


Do not hesitate if you get an opportunity to get into something much bigger than anticipated. Do not waste your time and energy in chasing small benefits. Aim for something spectacular howsoever difficult it may appear. You will have the guidance and financial help that you will need. Good news concerning your mate or partner will add to your joys.