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Daily Forecast

Prediction for 22-10-2017


Maybe the way you’re handling difficult situations is becoming counterproductive. Don't hedge your bets simply take up something that needs attention. You stand to benefit from short term deposits. A leisure pastime could lead to great achievements and could propel you into the limelight. There is someone interested in you romantically but you have not noticed. A certain development might show you the way to proceed.


Try to do one thing at a time to get best results. Consolidate recent gains and try to strengthen your position at work. Those waiting for news from overseas will get favorable response. Employment-seekers will get a temporary job offer, which should be accepted. You may now realize the futility of long-standing personal association. A parting of ways cannot be ruled out. Keep a check on your health.


Monetary gains accrue to you from your normal channel of work. A determined attitude and persistent effort will certainly help you in your career and get you what you want. There is indication of much travel. Success and honors accrue to family members giving you a lot of happiness. Involvement in family and entertainment for loved ones leaves little time for romance. You have every reason to feel happy about yourself.


Any project started or initiated today will have a favorable outcome. Criticism of any kind should be taken in the right spirit. Misunderstandings in your love life are intriguing. Avoid seeking a solution because you will only succeed in confusing the issue further.


You may have to attend to several issues at work today that will keep you on your toes throughout. Financial gains are indicated. A new contract will be signed shortly. Do not plan for the long term as this contract could be short termed and work out more profitable in the long run. Talking about how much you care is not going to be enough. You will have to be more explicit. If you are feeling misunderstood and unloved a friend will be a good support.


A new business proposal is likely, but this could take its toll on your regular work. You have a busy but rewarding day. Plans for a journey are afoot. News from distant lands concerning work will also be favorable. Domestic issues come to the fore and need attention. The choices that you have to make in a love relationship could be difficult. Try not to get too emotional about in your own interest.


It is time to consolidate your position and not to take risk in new investment nor to start fresh ventures. A travel plan may have to be postponed for the time being. A person you know will have an interesting piece of information, which will set the pace for joyful events to come. Spend some time to renew old ties with associates.


Your profits can be increased by certain radical changes. Begin from cutting down expenditure, and get rid of unproductive investments. Stand by what you believe in. let not others opinions cause undue stress. Results prove you right. Don’t be overly touchy. If in love, you will just have to work on the basis of trust. There is a tendency to be touchy needlessly. Try to make up for it.


You may feel that some hostile elements are conspiring against your interests. Concentrate on work and pay no heed to others. It is understandable that work conditions could be oppressive but see how things play out for a while. You will have the support of a person who matters most. Home and family life is under a cloud. You will win the day with charm diplomacy and without hurting anyone’s feelings.


Things are moving rather slowly and you have set yourself certain goals. You will find an opening today that may increase the pace a bit. Trust and faith in love are fine but do not under estimate the persuasive powers of someone who is out to make a play for your beloved.


Difficulties and obstacles are indicated in your day-to-day routine, and you will adjust to things slowing down. Take good advice in your stride but charter your own course. However, you need to find time for the needs of your mate or beloved waiting patiently to spend a few moments with you.


You are now much closer to achieving goals in your career or profession. Meetings and new business proposals planned for today will go off well. You can expect good results and you can expect an immediate response. Rapport with Colleagues will also improve. Personal relationships take a turn for better. Your beloved may be feeling low and could do with tender loving care from you.