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Daily Forecast

Prediction for 25-04-2017


Maybe the way you’re handling difficult situations is becoming counterproductive. Don't hedge your bets simply take up something that needs attention. You stand to benefit from short term deposits. A leisure pastime could lead to great achievements and could propel you into the limelight. There is someone interested in you romantically but you have not noticed. A certain development might show you the way to proceed.


Certain developments require a change of plans. You are advised not to rush into taking major decision about work, or location. Perhaps you are reacting rather than planning your next move. Maintain status quo for the time being or you could have regrets later. Your mate and friends will go out of their way to help you.


Favorable trends continue in matters concerning work and finance. Gains and acclaim are seen in creative work. Employed get more responsibility with due compensation. Success in written tests and interviews is assured for students and employment-seekers. You have a good day as far as personal life and extracurricular activities are concerned. The day will end on a romantic note.


The financial benefits are likely to come through in form of a bonus and a substantial increment shortly. A small dispute with your employees can be settled if you have a frank chat keeping aside your ego and reservations. A policy of give and take will be more useful than a rigid preconceived approach. Any interviews appointments or business negotiations will go well.


You will get new offers with financial aid and other assistance. Try to complete your on-going ventures first, for chasing new deals without fulfilling earlier obligations will result in a setback. You could also lose out on your new project because others may feel that you are untrustworthy. Your need for an emotional relationship with someone you know or are mixed up with will be a possibility.


Difficult situations will arise if you give advice when it has not been sought. It would be better if others came on their own to you seeking your help and guidance. In matters concerning money and finance you will support from an area that you least expect. Just when things are well in a relationship you could face some problems concerning the past, which is not important right now.


You should follow your own instinct rather than depend upon self-appointed advisors. In fact if you do not feel convinced to make any investment, wait until you feel quite sure. Follow the dictates of your heart and you will not go wrong. This applies to personal relationships too.


You may be required to take some important decisions, which could mean re-organizing your work set-up. Your handling of the current crisis will earn you the respect and admiration of those who matter. A close associate or a colleague may try to get a little too familiar with you. There is a possible threat of being taken advantage of especially if you are with someone you do not know too well or know too much about.


You could get a large amount of money as an advance payment. Even though your financial position is strong, this money will be of great help. This could be the beginning of a really stable phase for you but you will have to maintain the pace of work activities. You have always nurtured friendships with love and care. If you are in love you can safely make commitment to the one you love.


A good financial position is indicated. A purchase of some property or house will be an asset that you have been planning for long. Your new proposals will do well and bring in profits. Try to concentrate on one thing at a time. You may not need to take loan after all. Happiness and excitement is all around. You will be making important plans for the future with loved ones or your mate.


Hard work and sincerity pays you rich rewards in career and personal life will win support and help from all in times of need. Both personally and professionally you are on a strong wicket. You can now see your ideas materialize especially since you will find support f from those around you. Your rapport with your beloved will be good. Those in love can look forward to an exciting evening free from cares and worries of the world.


You can look forward to news of an increment or better facilities at work. An important development or signing of a contract that has been on your mind will set the pace for further growth. Those seeking a change of job will be made a good offer that could be difficult to ignore. Deception through a close associate, or even a so-called friend, cannot be ruled out. You need to exercise caution regarding your affairs.