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Daily Forecast

Prediction for 24-05-2017


You will be expanding your horizons into areas, which are new and challenging. You will get one such interesting offer today. There will be many other proposals coming your way so you can afford to pick and choose what you want. Take up work that lends prestige to your profession. Romance adds color and charm to the evening. An outing or get-together with the family may also have something to do with a marriage proposal coming through someone known to you.


Avoid taking anything for granted regardless of how satisfactory things may appear. Give assistance only where it will be appreciated. You should be able to obtain the results you desire by combining efforts with the work of others. Family will be supportive of your actions. You will meet a person of great charm. It seems you will develop an instant liking but it is prudent not to show an eagerness to get to know the person better.


A chaotic schedule will leave you exhausted with fatigue. It is better to seek the help of others and not try to work day and night to catch up with lost time. In trying to showing your sincerity and working hard you could only be harming your health and also not produce quality results. Personal relationships are good, though you will not be able to give personal attention and care to someone very dear to you.


You can look forward to news of long desired promotion. There could be news of a complete change of environment for you. It may not appear convenient right now but you will be able to work out the logistics of it all later and to your satisfaction. Monetary gains are good. In love try a softer approach for happiness. You will be able to find a few tender moments with your beloved in an otherwise busy hectic schedule of work and family responsibilities.


You will get some useful business tips, which will lead to profit in your trade. Your financial problem is likely to ease today. Legal problems if any will also get resolved. You can expect warm co-operation from friends and a close acquaintance of the opposite sex. If fancy free you are certain to strike intimacy with someone you are introduced to at a party. Take your time and do not be in a rush.


Financially you feel on top of the world as an expected deal goes through. Travel overseas or news from overseas will be exciting. A purchase of some property or a vehicle will add to your exuberance. With every reason to celebrate there is tendency to over eat that cause health problem. If away from your beloved you are likely to be in touch or plan a surprise visit to be together.


You are on a threshold of a vital breakthrough which will make way for tremendous growth. Concentrate and move ahead. These are rare moments. Good news you are waiting for is conveyed by evening. You can look forward to substantial monetary gains coming your way. Be warmer in your love and affection to achieve a better rapport with your beloved. You will be very happy because you have discharged a great responsibility towards your family or someone you love.


Money will come in from recently concluded deals. A game of chance or speculative trading will work out favorably and you could make some quick money. You are likely to get caught up in a very hectic schedule leaving you hardly any time to resolve some personal issue. Excitement is in the air. You will be lucky in love today whether married or those seeking a relationship.


You will have a beneficial day. You should push hard to get ahead with ideas and strategies with full confidence in your abilities. Your capacity to handle complex situations will put you in a commanding position at a meeting or social get-together. Too much attitude could create more problems for you in relationships.


You seem to be in mood for introspection. Somewhere along the way to a successful career and business you feel a vacuum in your life. You could be right for in your burning ambition to achieve success you may have lost out on friends and social life. It’s never late to make amends. Meet friends and plan an outing. A change of scene will do wonders for your relationship.


A disparity over payment may take longer than you thought. Be a little flexible and ready to compromise. It may not be in your interest to prolong things for too long. A temptation to overspend will have to be watched. You may have to defer your travel plan due to an illness in the family. You can get attracted to a person who is not for you. It is perhaps just an infatuation and will pass before you even know it happened.


You may have to contend with a sudden problem without any warning. Try not to wallow in self pity. You will be of course well rewarded for your arduous efforts at work. In matters of the heart you will have to take the first step towards making amends.