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Daily Forecast

Prediction for 18-03-2018


Some extra cash coming your way will make you very positive about your progress. Changes in plans for a journey are likely. You will be able to accomplish something that has always been important to you in your personal life. Your goals seem within reach. Love life improves with your relaxed state of mind. Your mate will respond warmly to your effort just to get away and spend time together


At work you need to be a bit more diplomatic today. Though it appears that your opponents have the upper hand, but you will win the day eventually. Handle the situation in a dignified diplomatic manner and you would have won the admiration of all concerned. You will be entertaining everyone till quite late at night. Trying to please everyone could tell on your nerves especially after a tough day at work.


Good things are about to happen for you but you should keep your plans and expectations to yourself. You must learn to be discreet in matters of strategy and planning. At home things are getting better but you should continue the efforts you have been putting in.


An agreement or contract may require a few changes. You need to clarify any fears or doubts that you have about a new business association that you are about to finalize. It seems someone jealous of your success will try to stall your project. Do not listen to unwarranted advice and suggestions.


Some overseas travel or work is also predicted for you. You are still able to follow your goal though it may look like it has been postponed or revised. Your career will take an upward swing due to changes you bring about after the outcome of new policy. Keep calm at an angry outburst of emotions in a personal relationship. Sometimes distances help be patient.


Even the usual routine tasks will prove cumbersome and you face obstructions at every step. Avoid wasting time and take up paperwork that needs to be looked into. Avoid arguments. If you get involved in a verbal duel you may have regrets later. Try to listen rather than speak out and repent.


You need to stick to your plans for there will be certain elements trying to dissuade you in the pursuit of your goals. Avoid getting involved in any arguments and try to maintain a cordial relationship with everyone in your own interest. You will have to be your diplomatic best today.


You could get a bit carried away when spending money on home improvements or making an important investment. However there will soon be some extra money coming in that will help to ease your financial situation. Make no further investments in business or in securities. At a social gathering you will be very much in demand. Happiness in the family set-up is assured. Your beloved will be great support.


You will sign new agreements and contracts on profitable terms. Seek short-term benefits. You are likely to gain from speculative ventures. Of late you may have found yourself being thrown together with a person whether for work or otherwise. An attraction could develop.


Transactions that you are able to push through will be worthwhile. You will be at your best at jobs that give you the opportunity to show off your creative talents. You will manage to garner praise as well as monetary gains for your accomplishments. You can look forward to a good future soon.


Individual attention to your current assignments is imperative if you want your work done on schedule. You may have to rearrange your schedules at work and at home to cope with the heavy work onslaught. You may also have to find time for home and family affairs. Your love relationship gets too demanding for comfort and you may have to set things right. Act with tact to avoid a flare up.


You will have a busy profitable day at work. Some of you will take charge of an important project, which will assure a steady income. You will be feeling much more confident of yourself. You will be able to get ahead with your plans which until now may have faced one delay or another. Love life is exciting and if keen on getting married you are likely to get engaged soon. Troubled relationships improve.