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Daily Forecast

Prediction for 24-03-2017


Refrain from criticizing what others do to avoid dangerous flare up of tempers. Don't feel sorry if things go wrong. Keep opinions to yourself and avoid discussing them with anyone. This is an adverse day for risky undertakings. At home too .you will have to be careful.


You will have a busy satisfying day at work, when profits will accrue and new assignments are also likely. Wait for a more favorable time before you launch your expansion plans. It seems there will be several changes within your work. The evening is spent with your friends and beloved.


You can expand work and take risk in new ventures for success is assured. Do not discuss future plans because you don’t know who your rivals are at this stage. The employed will be given a special task that requires them to be stationed in another city for period of one to three months. You could mistake friendship for a love interest and land yourself in trouble.


Your anxiety to get your work done fast could get the better of you today. There could be some costly mistakes as a result. Be the first to make amends in your interest. Plans for travel are indicated. You will be going on a pilgrimage with loved ones. Make sure that you do not over exert for you could end up feeling tired and unwell.


To meet the challenge you will have to be ready to bring about some radical changes in the way you do things to get where you want to be. You may feel tired in the evening and excuse yourself from attending a social event even though there will be lot of pressure on your to participate. This will give you time to relax in the company of your beloved much to her delight.


Take it easy with money matters. What you get today may not be quite what you expected but it is also not something to complain about. Patience will pay eventually. Changes around will have you rescheduling everything. You are likely to benefit from a cautious outlook.


Gains are indicated through real estate or property. Some of you will buy a new house or move your residence. Students specializing in any particular chosen field will achieve success. They may also receive offers for jobs as trainees to be absorbed in the company later. A day you will remember. Excitement, adventure and new contacts fill the day with activity you enjoy.


Be assertive in your approach to work or in business negotiations. You will earn the respect and support of those you meet. Financial backing and co-operation of others will help you to implement your new plans and schemes. If seeking favor through government or state agencies, you are sure to receive positive response. A dinner meeting with your sweetheart will be memorable.


Attend to routine affairs. Get ahead with jobs that you have been putting off, as you may not have time for them later when the tempo of work will increase. You will also have to keep a check on your expense. You are vulnerable today. Someone may try to take advantage of that.


An easy rapport with colleagues and associates at work makes you more popular and likable. Your positive interaction with people will certainly lead to growth in your career and financial stability. You are doing quite well for yourself. A hope you have been cherishing will come true. The married will get more affection and love from their mate.


Any applications made today will bring a favorable response. Students will do very well in their Tests and interviews. Whatever you do may not bring about immediate rewards but if you keep on going with sincerity your efforts are bound to bring adequate results later.


You will come across a lucrative deal with prospects of immediate benefits. But you should guard against disgruntled elements that could cause trouble. Try to handle your work independently to avoid any mischief from others. A relaxed evening at home will make you feel better. A surprise phone call or message will set your heart aflutter. Romance is in the air and you can expect some exciting moments.