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Daily Forecast

Prediction for 24-09-2017


Apart from a slight progress in work you have not achieved much in terms of a real breakthrough. But you are moving in the right direction. Love life is exciting and those desirous of settling down in matrimony are likely to get a good marriage proposal and get engaged soon.


You feel confident about a new project and make rapid progress in concluding the same. Love and family affairs tend to get neglected. There seems to be a communication problem somewhere. Try to clear up misunderstanding as soon as possible.


Hectic work activity could keep you busy throughout the day. In the evening, you may relax and make future travel plans for a business cum pleasure trip. Socially, this is an active and monetarily an expensive period. There may be many a get together and an important celebration to attend.


You will do well at work and monetary gains are indicated. Perhaps you may be cited for an honor for a recent achievement. Those who have been unwell will make a quick recovery. A happy occasion will be celebrated in the family. This maybe something, you have been really looking forward to. You shine out at a social gathering as a charming attractive person. A meeting with a new friend has the makings of a torrid romance.


You will be full of fresh ideas that are worth implementing. Do not resort to borrowing; you are capable of raising your own funds. Sensible juggling of investments will help no doubt but your will also have to allay any insecurity it could create in relationships. Be patient with others.


You will have to display utmost patience in all that you do today. You are tempted with several ideas which promise immediate benefits, but these could be misleading. Avoid speculation for a certain loss is foreseen. Instead catch up with the regular stuff that needs to be done.


Significant gains through commission work, or speculative trading, is predicted. Family affairs run smoothly. You will be happy to learn about the success of someone close. You will be buying an expensive gift for a loved one. If wooing someone for long, now you may receive an encouraging response


Your own inhibitions and lack of confidence in your abilities stand in the way of your progress. Take corrective measures. Do not be afraid to ask for help if you need it. This way others may come closer to you and share your problems. You will buy something expensive for the home and yourself. Feeling emotional you need extra caring and company of those who love you. Open your heart and talk about what is on your mind or what ails you.


Job seekers will get exciting offers. Those in creative field or dealing with sales and marketing are bound to do well and earn recognition. Youngsters desirous of working in television media or airlines must meet the right people now to get some favorable response. You can get drawn into an alliance with a person difficult to forget. If you are prepared for the consequences then you can go ahead.


Be practical in matters about money. If you have travel plans in mind, make sure budget allows you to do the same. Keep expenses down and avoid taking a loan. Complete difficult tasks before attempting to try your hand with the easy ones. A close family member may need some backing from you. Regardless of your other responsibilities you will have find time for love and your commitment to your beloved which is important.


Work wise a rewarding day. Offers for new work proposals are likely to materialize. The purchase of a new vehicle or property is indicated. You may go out shopping perhaps in anticipation of a forthcoming journey. In-laws will be in touch. A celebration is indicated.


You will have a busy profitable day at work. Some of you will take charge of an important project, which will assure a steady income. You will be feeling much more confident of yourself. You will be able to get ahead with your plans which until now may have faced one delay or another. Love life is exciting and if keen on getting married you are likely to get engaged soon. Troubled relationships improve.