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Daily Forecast

Prediction for 24-02-2017


Keep away from any new investments today as your judgment could be biased. Personal relationships are disappointing. Don't let it bother you. You can't please everybody. Criticism will irritate you. At times you can feel quite alone and forsaken as you may be feeling neglected. You've had been unnecessarily worried about the home situation, which was not of your making nor are you responsible for it. Chill and let others sort out their problems.


Favorable trends continue in matters of finance. The employed will be given more responsibility and independence. Those in creative fields will be signing fresh contracts on lucrative terms. The married can look forward to happy times together with their mate.


A minor clash of opinions at work might make you feel insecure about relationships in general. It is better to be open and trusting of others for a suspicious nature will only get you adverse response. No one is trying to malign you; it is only your own fears that cause anxiety. Do not be too touchy with loved ones but look on the positive side of all you have. Perhaps you are taking a lot for granted.


You seem to be in mood for introspection. Somewhere along the way to a successful career and business you feel a vacuum in your life. You could be right for in your burning ambition to achieve success you may have lost out on friends and social life. It’s never late to make amends. Meet friends and plan an outing. A change of scene will do wonders for your relationship.


You may have to contend with a sudden problem without any warning. Try not to wallow in self pity. You will be of course well rewarded for your arduous efforts at work. In matters of the heart you will have to take the first step towards making amends.


Over enthusiasm, or taking on more work than you can handle, is the cause of your present predicament. Cut back on losses, and curb unnecessary expenditure. There is a glimmer of hope that may come through an opportunity to make sudden money through transaction proposed by someone you know. Not much happening in love life as you will be focused on other areas of existence which are also important to you right now.


Keep yourself open to new ideas and suggestion from those who have your interest at heart. You are bound to progress given your ambition and desire. But move step by step and your goals will appear to be closer and more achievable. Property issues are favorable. You will travel with your mate to a place of religious or spiritual interest. You feel recharged and exultant with the experience.


There is a tendency to be more sensitive than usual. Keep cool. A reaction is just what you should avoid in the interest of everyone. It would be better if you could maintain cordial relationships with colleagues and friends for it will be with their help and assistance you will succeed. Your ego could get bruised today because you may over step the mark with a little social flirting. A reaction is just what you should avoid in the interest of all.


It will be difficult for you to take a decision today on a matter, which you are not familiar with. It would be wiser to consult someone who knows or has adequate background and whose advice can be useful. Be careful with your finances and check an urge to splurge money. The object of your affections seems to be in a bad mood. Perhaps you are trying too hard to change the person. Accept them for what they are.


Meetings today are certain to be a success. The signing of a crucial deal leads to gains. You will be full of fresh ideas and schemes and also keen to take risks in implementing plans. You have ample support from associates. You will spend money on entertaining. You may feel attracted towards someone who has shown an interest in you. A happy get-together with loved ones is indicated.


A breakdown in communication could upset your plans for the day. This could also lead to cancellation of a certain contract. It is better to have a contingency plan in advance for there seem to be some trouble on the way to your office or an important meeting. Uncertainties in your mind could affect your relationships with others. Some tension in family life is indicated.


You may have a few problems in putting your point across to a colleague or someone associated with you and your work. Be patient and amicable in your own interests. There is also a possibility of purchase of some household goods. Family atmosphere will be cordial. Love relationships are strengthened. The single will news about a marriage proposal through someone known. You do not have to compromise.