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Daily Forecast

Prediction for 23-01-2017


You will have a favorable day at work. There will be a fresh work offer that holds promise of a steady growth in your career. In new projects, working independently will benefit you. Any legal disputes regarding an old project or partnerships will get resolved now. A new attraction may not be the staying kind. Try not to get too involved or you may get hurt later when things do not work out.


Favorable circumstances exist for you at work. You will now be in position to put forward your plans and see them work out favorably. Any project started or initiated today will have a favorable outcome. Criticism of any kind should be taken in the right spirit. An emotionally trying time is likely. It is for you to know where to draw the line. You will be helping yourself and your love.


Approval for a particular assignment will come through now. Otherwise too it is a rewarding day at work. Financial gains will accrue from work done earlier. The ability to make the most of a situation and take quick decisions leads to a contract that is likely to add to your name and profit. A family problem could surface which has been brewing for some time. Your mate or beloved will be supportive and help to find a solution.


Catching up with your appointments and also meeting deadlines will keep you busy. Some paperwork may also need your attention. A day you will remember. Excitement, adventure and new contacts fill the day with activity you can enjoy. Socially you can look forward to an enjoyable evening.


You feel confident about a new project and make rapid progress in concluding the same. Love and family affairs tend to get neglected. Expenses mount. There will be a communication problem. There seems to be a communication problem somewhere Avoid misunderstandings with your partner over a small matter.


You will have a busy day at work but not much of appreciation or any rewards. Even if there is no apparent progress or growth in your work, do not make matters worse by seeking a change of starting a new project. You need to be patient and not complain but retain your job. Love and romance should get priority over other social activities, and responsibilities especially since you have been rather busy of late.


You could land yourself in a difficult situation at work. Resourceful as you are, you will find a solution to your problems soon. You may have to reconsider an offer that had been made earlier. Those in government services can look forward to some favorable changes. Handle relationships with tact. A minor altercation could flare up and become ugly. You may end up saying things you would not normally.


Apply your mind to work leaving nothing to chance. Keeping a tab on what’s happening around you will work to your advantage. Success is assured to you in all that you do. There will be opportunities to travel for work and pleasure. Financially too the period is good. Including your mate on a travel plan for work could do wonders for your relationship. Try not to discuss family and related issues. Just enjoy and forget about others right now.


Follow your intuition about work proposal. You are sure to benefit. Good days to attend to money matters or traveling for work. A load of good fortune is in store for you. If you are employed expect a promotion to an important office with large increase in salary. The married may find their mate being aloof. Make the first move to express your feelings for a really warm response.


Do not overlook an offer for business put across casually by an acquaintance. A careful consideration will indicate a money spinner. Grab the opportunity quick and formalities will proceed smoothly and swiftly. Plans for the evening may involve a meeting to build new contacts. You share an easy rapport with your beloved. Warmth trust and understanding is what makes life so much more interesting.


Apart from slight improvement you have not achieved much in terms of work. But you are moving in the right direction so push ahead. A meeting scheduled for today is bound to have good results that lead to more gains for you. You will renew old ties and catch up old friends but the magic seems to be missing. Do not try too hard; perhaps distance has dulled responses and romance.


Your efforts of past yield profits and bring position of eminence. A close associate or relative will be instrumental in helping you. You will get a chance to make some quick money through a lucky bargain that doesn’t require much money. Watch a tendency to over optimistic. A close associate becomes a trusted friend. Though this has the possibilities of a long-term relationship, take one step at a time carefully.