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The Mystique of Numbers

It is said in the beginning of Creation there was void that can also be called nothingness or zero. And the One that was aware of this void can be called the Creator, Knower, Cosmic being and the One. And it is from the awareness of the existence of the void by the One the entire process of creation began.

In modern algebra, reality is reducible and can be symbolised by the numbers 0 and 1. Those familiar with computer programming know of the binary system and the value of 0 and 1. Each number runs a cycle of its own. This is in consonance with ancient Vedic numerology where zero (shoonya, purna or bindu) symbolises the beginning of creation. In Hinduism the structure of the mantras used for worship or meditation are ruled by the symbolism of number; the Shiva mantras have five syllables, Vishnu mantras eight, and Surya mantras twelve.

In numerology the planets are assigned ownership over the numbers as follows:

The Sun — 1 & 4 (1 is positive, 4 negative),

The Moon — 2 & 7 (2 is negative, 7 positive),

Mars — 9, Mercury — 5, Jupiter — 3, Venus — 6, 

Saturn — 8

The two luminaries the Sun and the Moon, govern two numbers each, one positive and the other negative. Now at the time of one’s birth, if the Sun, or Moon, is weak, then one is ruled by their respective negative numbers. However, it should be borne in mind that the numbers 2 and 7 are not negative in their effects.

Figuring out Your Ruling Number

Of the various ways to arrive at your destiny number, the most effective one is based on your birth-chart, i.e. astrologically. Your birth date itself reveals your number. The total of your birth date will give your number of destiny. For example, if you are born on 25-12-1954, the addition of the numbers gives


Hence your destiny number is 2. Similarly, alphabets are also assigned numbers and so the way you spell your name can give a clue to your destiny. But here numerologists differ in giving numerical values to alphabets.

The ancient Chaldeans, who were masters of occult practices, gave the following numerical values to the alphabets which were later accepted by the Hebrews:

1 AIJQY, 3-CGLS, 5-EHNX, 7-OZ,

2 BKR, 4-DMT, 6-UVW, 8-FP

In the Hebrew system, the number 9 is not assigned to any alphabet. Perhaps the Hebrews were aware of the curious properties attached to number 9. It is the only number, which when multiplied by any number always reproduces itself. For example, 9 x 2 = 18 = 1 + 8 = 9, 9 x 3 = 27 = 2 + 7 = 9. In some of the Hebrew writing it is mentioned that God descended on this earth 9 times. The ancient followers of numerology felt that the number 9 represented divinity; therefore, no single alphabet was ascribed to it.  In the Hindu Pantheon Lord Krishna took Nine Incarnations, - Avatars, and the tenth Avatar, - Kalki is to come and hence 9 is certainly the number of divinity. But when giving the general properties, or effects of numbers, the number 9 was also included, so that one could refer to it, should the total of one’s name result in this number.

There’s a simpler method in arriving at your number of destiny through your name. Though in advance numerology this method is scoffed at, some practitioners swear by this system:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9




Apart from the above mentioned methods of figuring out your number of destiny, if you observe the dates of important events in your life, you may get a clue to your root number. I had a very interesting case which illustrates this. A person whose date of birth is 5 and the total of whose birth date added to 9 had the characteristics of number 7. He had himself observed the mysterious recurring of 7 in his life and gave me several instances. His house number was 7, so too his postal district (16=1+6=7), his office block is 16=1+6=7), He twice won in gambling betting on 7, and once earned a substantial amount of money on the 7th. He was also married on the 7th.

I constructed his birth-chart and found that he had Moon in Libra, which is the 7th sign of the Zodiac. Not only that, his moon was situated in the constellation Vishakha, which is the 16th of the 27 constellations. This indicated that the root number arrived at through astrology is more accurate when predicting the future through numbers.

IMPORTANT: When we are calculating the destiny number we must keep in mind the recurrence of a certain number in our date of birth. It is quite likely that a particular number appears more than once in our date and that is of significance while evaluating our psyche or destiny.

For example, if the date of birth of an individual is 01 - 01- 1971 you notice that the number 1 has appeared three times, not to include the 1 in the century 1971. Such an individual will have more qualities represented by the Sun, namely, individuality, ego, straightforwardness, honesty etc.

Similarly, if the date of birth happens to be 02- 02- 1982, or 22- 07 - 1982, the predominance of the number 2 will manifest the lunar traits of emotion, self-love, sacrifice, etc. 

Hence bear in mind the predominance of any particular number in your date of birth for then that particular number will also lend its characteristics to your personality and should be considered for general reading along with your destiny number.

I give below the properties of each number, and its effects on those governed by them.

No. 1: The Adventurers

All those born on the 1st, 10th 19th or the 28th of any month are governed by this number. If the total of your birth date adds up to 1, then too you will have the characteristics of this number. In Vedic numerology, zero shoonya, bindu, purna) symbolises the beginning of creation. Zero manifested becomes 1. The number 1 is the first cause from which all the other numbers are created. In Advaita Vedanta, the Hindu system the number 1 symbolises the Sun, the creative principle and 1 is the only reality.

The number 1 bestows vitality and good health. You are a stickler for physical fitness. You are fond of outdoor life and choose a vocation which gives you ample opportunities to travel. You are very ambitious and would work to fulfil your aims and aspirations quite early in life. You are a pioneer in your field of activity, and work towards achieving perfection. You believe in success. And given your unbounded energy, brilliant intellect, and great merit, you will be able to achieve wonders quite early in life. However, it is not always the case that you will command the number one position, as apparent from your number. In cases, though rare, you get easily hurt.

You dislike opposition, and cannot take criticism. You are very obstinate and invariably differ with your parents about matters of career and romance. You will have to be a bit more flexible to achieve peace and harmony in your personal relationships. You sometimes suffer from grand illusions and come to think of yourself as the messiah for suffering humanity. This trait is generally found in those who have two or three 1s in their date of birth for example, 1-1-1941. In this case 1 appears thrice. Even those born in the month of November (11th month) and those whose total of the date of birth adds up to 1, are considered strong number 1 people. You have to control your temper which could make you rather unpopular and your harsh speech and belligerent attitude can arouse enmity easily.

Wear ruby for luck. You should avoid the dates 8th, 17th or 26th, for important work, more so if those  dates happen to fall on Saturdays. Shades of yellow and orange in your dress will keep you in a cheerful frame of mind. But wearing black attire could make you accident-prone. Persons born under the number 3, 5, 7, and 9 attract you easily and you also get along well with those born under the number 4.

No. 2: The Number of Imagination

If you are born on dates 2, 11, 20, 29, of a month then your ruling number is 2. Two means duality, energy and matter, Purusha and Prakriti. The number 2 is considered opposite, though complementary too. It unites the opposing principles and hence is considered the number of harmony. It is the symbol of the Moon — the mother, the feminine principle while 1 symbolises the Sun, — the father, the male principle. Number 2 signifies fertility, growth and feminine attributes. Though expansive, 2 are slow and sometimes erratic.

You are highly imaginative and posses an artistic disposition. You revel more in the realm of mind-intellect rather than the physical plane. It has  been observed that women born under this number remain single throughout their lives. They seem to fall in love with people with whom permanence, or marriage, is unlikely. These women are extremely lovable, and affectionate, but destiny somehow plays truant as far as their love-life is concerned. Even in cases where a marriage does take place, conjugal bliss is denied. In such cases they make good mothers, though they also devote more time to social work.

Number 2 people lead a very active life and can be classified as hard workers. You choose some form of artistic or social work for a career. Painters, singers, musicians, architect and, in certain cases, medical practitioners are governed by this number. In your personal life, you suffer from a feeling of uncertainly and emotional insecurity. The person you admire may not reciprocate your feeling. When you realise that you have loved and sacrificed everything for an undeserving person, you become despondent and melancholy. Moon being your ruling planet, you are extremely sensitive and temperamental. You are genuine and sincere towards others but can turn vindictive, if slighted. Fond of good food, you have a tendency to put on weight. It is very difficult for you to exercise dietary control.

You should guard against lack of self confidence and pessimism. You believe that people around you always take advantage of you. And you have reasons to suspect other’s motives. You invariably occupy positions in your field of work which involve dealing with other people’s problems. Even otherwise, you have a habit of cultivating friendship by offering gifts, or by assisting others in their career. Small wonder then that you tend to believe, that others love you for the sake of getting some benefit out of you. Most number 2 people live alone. Ironically, 2 represent duality, the other-half but you suffer in solitude. In any case, you are a difficult person to live with, perhaps because of your rigid ideas. You do not like interference in your work. Your favourite colours could be white, beige and blue. Avoid shades of red and orange. Pearls would suit you best. You will get along well with those with numbers 4, 6 or 7.

No. 3: The Exhibitionists

Those born on the 3rd 12th, 21st or 30th of any month are governed by the number 3. If the total of your birth date is 3, then too it is your ruling number. Number 3 signifies the Trinity of life, substance and  intellect. It represents the three states of existence — the past, the present, and the future. In Hindu mythology, the number 3 encompasses Brahma — the Creator, Vishnu — the Preserver, and Shiva — the Destroyer. You can be called unconventional, extroverted, and ambitious, have a spirit of rebellion. You like to be the master of your fate. You are assured of material success. Once you set your mind to achieving something, nothing can deter from you the pursuit of your goal. Sometimes you can even be accused of employing unfair means to attain your end but you don’t care for such opinions.

It has been observed that you use your charm and  pleasing manners to win the support and cooperation of  others. Physically, you are generally attractive. You are extremely expressive in your speech. You are best suited for jobs in sales, marketing, teaching, writing, journalism, cinema, advertising, travel and tourism or business. However you lack consistency in your work and this brings about several setbacks and reverses in your career. Despite this you manage to  come out of your troubles unscathed. In fact, you are at your best in times of emergency and crisis.

You have an urge to gamble, which you do with  relatively small stakes. Fond of social activities, you invariably join clubs and institutions and this brings  you in contact with a large number of people. Women born under this number are very spirited and independent. They have a resonant voice. Generally, number 3 woman can be recognised by her well-developed breasts, narrow waist, small and well-manicured feet. They prefer to wear plunging necklines in their dress. No wonder they are labelled exhibitionists. You are very  romantic by nature and will attract several admirers. You get along well with those born under the numbers 3, 6, 9. Your lucky colour is green, Gem: emerald.

No. 4: The Home birds

If you are born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd or 31st of any month, you are governed by the number 4. If the total of your birth date adds up to 4, then it is your number of destiny. Number 4 represents matter or the material reality. It is the number which signifies completeness, symbolised by a circle or a square. 4 denote family, a house. Some numerologists assign the ownership of this number to the earth. This is also the number which rules trees, plants, water and wild life.

Number 4s have a personality quite distinct from the others. You like to be different from the rest in every manner. You are endowed with keen intellect and good observation powers. If you are slow in action that is because you like to play safe and be certain of your success. You have a tenacity of purpose. You don’t like to leave things unfinished or half-done. A quiet, lonely childhood makes you grow into a withdrawn and introverted adult. Any form of work requiring skill, in the use of hands would interest you. You have abundant physical energy.

You are very emotional and sensitive. Being a loyal and devoted friend, you expect too much from others. You feel let down even at a slightly unguarded remark by a close friend. You prefer your home to outdoor activity. Most of your friends visit you at your house where you feel more relaxed and comfortable. There’s a tendency for number 4 people to marry early in life. You are extremely devoted to your mate. In love, the number 4 persons are the best suitors. You are fond of eating and can also cook very well. In fact, the best-known chefs are born under this number. Women born under this number are generally attractive. They love home and family. If circumstances do not compel you to pursue a career, you would love to lead a peaceful life in the security of your home and family. You make good wives and mothers.

If unmarried, and required to work, you would prefer to be a nurse, a doctor, an interior decorator, or a nutritionist. For luck, wear shades of blue or brown in dress.

Number 4 women should wear pearls for luck; men born under this number can wear blue sapphire in order to enhance their career prospects.

No.5: The Number for Power

If you are born on the 5th, 14th or 23rd of any month, your destiny number is 5. Number 4 signifies completeness which is symbolised by a circle or a square. This brings us to the second cycle which begins with the number 5. Hence 5 are sometimes considered a reflection of the number 1, or the extension of 1. Number 5 includes, within itself properties of all numbers preceding it. It is believed in astro-numerology that it is the interaction of 1, 2, 3 and 4 which gives birth to 5. In astrology, the number 5, or the 5th house is considered the place of progeny — the child. In numerology, 5 is ruled by the planet Mercury which is childlike in its character. 5 denote inclusiveness, comprehension, understanding expansion and multiplication. It is the number denoting power and fortune.

Most numerologists agree that 5 makes one lucky in gambling. It has been observed that those born under 5, suddenly become rich at 23, 32, and 35 or 41. You love outdoor life. Forever full of fun and frolic, you sometimes choose a career in cinema, theatre, or travel agencies. Optimism is your strength. You like to exercise to keep fit and sprightly. Mountaineering, trekking, sports are some of your interests.

Success comes to you easily, whether it is in the fine arts, or in the field of science. Whatever you do, you like to excel in it. You can never feel satisfied with a routine job, or a profession which keeps you occupied in a set pattern. You are highly talented and can handle two widely different situations simultaneously and do it efficiently. In fact, it is the pressure of mental and physical activity that keeps you cheerful and in high spirits. You enjoy monetary affluence and its concomitant power. Generous and charitable by nature you help others establish themselves in their careers.

Your self-effacing and easy-going attitude makes you quite popular in social get-togethers. You are a good conversationalist and an astute diplomat. You make others feel important and wanted. You make friends easily and also sometimes break long-standing relationships on impulse. You will generally get involved in several romantic affairs before settling into matrimony. Not-withstanding your flirtations you manage to enjoy a blissful married life. In fact, men born under this number are always lucky and find adoring and dutiful spouses.

Women born under this number are generally short in height, slim, but with large bosoms. They are fiery and aggressive by nature. They like to be independent. They are very ambitious and relish monetary affluence. Hence, they either set up a successful business venture of their own, or manage to get married to a rich man. In love, they play a dominant role. In fact, they can at times be very violent if slighted or neglected by their mates. You can get along very well with those born under 1, 3, 7 and 9. Your lucky colours are green and red and diamond is your best gem.

No. 6: The Romantics

If you are born on the 6th, 15th or the 24th of any month, your destiny number is 6. 6 signify stability, equilibrium, stillness. It also denotes fertility, growth and abundance. It reflects two distinct personalities, one refined and cultured, and the other uncouth and frivolous. But common to both, is the love of peace and harmony. You are full of life and youthful exuberance. You take life easy. Unless you come from a family of academicians, you are an average student and will not take up higher education. Those having parents in professions like law, teaching or engineering, do excel in studies. However, the ideal profession for you is music, painting, cinema, or some other artistic pursuit. Some of you manage to become accountants and maintain a keen interest in the arts. You will be quite lucky in your career and generally become successful by the age of 26. You like to entertain and regularly conduct get-togethers and parties in your house. Though you are a member of various clubs or institutions, you like small get-together at home.

Women born under this number are extremely attractive. They are very ambitious and career oriented. They work as models, air-hostesses, newsreaders, or in advertising agencies. They are very successful in business and have a large circle of friends. They are extremely good in public relations and maintain contacts with those in power and authority. In fact, the secret of their success is tact and diplomacy in handling others. They have no qualms about having minor flings, though sometimes, this could disrupt their married life. Sometimes they devote more time to social and romantic activities than to their vocation. They get so involved in the pursuit of personal interest and pleasure that their work tends to suffer. In such case it has been observed that by the time they reach 40, they have to start their career all over again. Of course, they soon manage to get back into their exalted position at work.

In general, number 6 people are very co-operative and helpful. You are the person to approach if one is seeking favours, or needs to get some work done at higher levels. Throat, nose and lungs are your vulnerable parts and you are likely to be afflicted in these regions. Heavy smoking or drinking can cause serious health problems for you. White and blue are your best colours in dress. You will get along well with those born under 1, 3, and 9. Your gem is topaz or emerald. Number 6 women can also wear turquoise as an amulet.

No. 7: The Charmers

According to Hindu numerology, the number 1 is the manifested form of zero and is a self-generated number. But for it to multiply and continue the cycle of creation, it requires an equally strong force to combine with. The number 7 is that force which stands opposite, but complementary, to number 1. The tension created between these two opposing forces generates the energy, Shakti, which imparts the necessary movement to the cycle of creation. Hence in numerology the two luminaries, namely the Sun and the Moon, respectively govern numbers 1 and 7. Sun governs 1 and is representative of the male principle, and the Moon governs 7, signifying the female principle. Even in astrology, the 1st house (the number 1) represents oneself, and it’s opposite the 7th house (the number 7) symbolises one’s partner in marriage. Those born on 7th, 16th or 25th of any month come under the influence of this number.

Numerologists generally believe that those born under 7 are born lucky. You are assured an easy life throughout. Of course, if you happen to follow some artistic pursuit, you may have to struggle to achieve a position of eminence in life, which you are destined for. You may be an average student at school but are sure to win prizes in activities like dramatics, debating and sports. Men ruled by this number are gifted with intuition. They have brilliant academic records and generally take up career in the diplomatic corps or the administrative services. Number 7 people are generally employed in multinational concerns, or international groups like UNO, World Bank, or such institutions. Owner or captains of ships are also likely to be governed by this number. Women born under 7 are beautiful but not in the conventional sense. They are generally tall and slim, and have a brisk gait. They believe in material security and are conscious of social status and positions. They may talk against male chauvinism but will often happily settle down in matrimony with a rich man. Women governed by number 7 are generally career oriented. They are good as journalists, writers, cinema critics. Since the number 7 signifies wisdom, perfection, equipoise and balance, you are destined to enjoy a harmonious married life. If married to those born under 1, 3, 5, 9, it could even be a blissful one.

In later life you may develop a liking for the occult and mysticism. Philosophy and social work will begin to interest you. In fact, your deep desire to express your views on life and living, come out in the form of essays or writings on these subjects. Some of the best memoirs are written by those ruled by this number. Your lucky colours are blue and green and the diamond is your charm.

No. 8: The Master of Destiny

If you are born on the 8th, 17th or the 26th of any month, your destiny number is 8. If the total of your birth date adds up to 8, then too, this number plays  significant role in your destiny. The number 8 signifies reconstruction after destruction. This number signifies the end, after which a new beginning is initiated. Everything that exists ends in this number. It is the number governing destiny and fate. In fact it is the number of fate. In Hindu scriptures this number denotes death. A strange recurrence of number 8 in Hindu mythology will help explain this factor. The tyrant King Kansa was fated to be killed by the 8th child of his sister Devaki. The 8th child was Krishna, who was 8 years old when he killed Kansa. Krishna was born on the 8th night of the dark half of the month. In Hindu Astrology, the planet Saturn governs one’s life span. Saturn is also known as Yama — the lord of death. In astrology, the 8th house is considered the house of death. Saturn being dualistic in nature, its subjects will either be very rich, happy, contented, or be very poor, suffering and miserable.

The two extremes are governed by number 8. You are very spirited and full of vigour and vitality. You tend to believe that you are the master of your destiny and have a mission to accomplish. You have a superiority complex that earns you the label of being arrogant and conceited. Most of you take up higher education. Medicine, law, engineering, and history are your favourite subjects. Quite a few of you enter politics and are rather popular and successful. Those of you born in humble families, and not so fortunate to have a good academic background, are likely to suffer from inferiority complex. But an early start in your job and career, takes you to a number one position quite early in life.

Most number 8 people are tall and lean. They have serious and gloomy expressions on their face, which appears more intense due to their sunken cheeks. If on the one hand you are arrogant and conceited, on the other you also take up the cause of the have-nots and the downtrodden. You will devote time to fight for social justice and equality. The occult symbol 8 is represented by a figure of woman holding scales in one hand, and a raised sword in the other.

You will be either very successful in life, or a great failure. You aim for fame and glory. If 8 signify balance, equipoise, devotion and simplicity, it also denotes upheaval, revolution, chaos. Women born under this number are extremely feminine. They have sharp features and small eyes with a mischievous spark in them. They are very loyal and devoted in their affection. In love, they seek permanence and emotional security. The first person that they happen to love leaves a lasting impression on their mind. They are very warm and loving towards others. If single, they don’t mind living by themselves; perhaps because they have interesting memories of past associations.

Number 8 is also considered a number denoting violence. Vehicles bearing this number, or whose registration number adds up to 8, are generally more accident-prone. You can get along well with those born under 1, 2, and 4. Your lucky colours are gold, brown and red. Your lucky gem is coral. Those of you born on the 8th (and not 17 or 26) can also wear blue colours for luck, and sapphire to enhance your career-prospects.

No. 9: The Number of Spirituality

If you are born on the 9th, 18th or 27th of any month then you are governed by the number 9. 9 is the last but perhaps the most powerful of all the numbers. It is the number signifying regeneration and rebirth. If 8 symbolise death, 9 denotes life. Number 9 is the numbers of spirituality, even though it is basically a number of matter, and matter, remember cannot be destroyed. When 9 is multiplied by any number, it always resolves in itself. This number is governed by Mars, - the red planet, the plant of anger, strife, war and destruction.

Number 9 also signifies isolation. When the line of numbers beginning from 1 ends in 18, the sole representative at a new line is number 9 standing in grand solitude. Some numerologists therefore attribute the qualities of contemplation, meditation and withdrawal to this number. But that doesn’t mean that those born under this number are contemplative monks. You are a happy-go-lucky type. A born extrovert, and somewhat unconventional in your life-style, you are a strong individual. Extremely intelligent and perceptive, studious, you also have a spirit of adventure which may take you trekking or mountaineering. You take up a career in the armed forces, preferably navy. Some of you take up scientific research work. Painting, acting, and singing could be your hobbies.

Women born under this number are generally tall and well-built. They have the same personality traits as their male counterparts except that they are less aggressive and have better control over their temper. Number 9 people are great lovers. They are fond of the opposite sex and invariably have a trail of affairs before settling down in matrimony. Often those born under the influence of this number remain unmarried into the 40, or forever. You get along very well with numbers 1, 3, 5, 6 and 7. Shades of red are favourable for you. Women should wear turquoise or green. Coral or topaz is your lucky gem.


Kamini Uppal