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In the HINDU PANTHEON of Gods, the TRINITY forms the main basic principle on which rests Hindu philosophy. The Hindu Trinity is:  -

  1. BRAHMA  - The Creator
  2. VISHNU - The Preserver, or The Pervader.
  3. SHIVA  - The Destroyer.

In this cosmological Trinity, VISHNU is the name given to the cohesive or centripetal tendency. It is the centripetal tendency that holds the Universe together. It pervades all existence. The name Vishnu comes from the root  ‘ Visr ‘ which means, “ to spread in all direction “ or  “to Pervade “. Hence everything that exists Vishnu dwells in it.

Now, in the order of creation, the existence of planets must precede that of beings who live upon them. They are the causal stages of life nearest to divinity and, from the point of view of man, can be considered the forms of divinity.

VISHNU - as the Preserver or Pervader took different incarnations in different Ages for the cause of general welfare of life and Universe. “ Having created the world, He entered it " - says Upanishads. At all the crucial moments of the worlds history the Pervader appears as a particular individuality who guides the evolution and destiny of the different orders of creation, of species and forms of life.

The ancient sage Parasara [also known as Parashara] who was a celebrated teacher of Vedic astrology, states that the Nine planets [ Nava - Graha ] along with the Nine Jewels are the nine Incarnations of VISHNU.

Planet Avatara Gem
Dragon’s Tail, or South node of the Moon
MATSYA AVATARA [The Fish Incarnation] CATS EYE
Dragon’s Head, or North node of the Moon
RAMA AVATARA [Rama Incarnation]
KRISHNA AVATARA [Krishna Incarnation] PEARL
BUDDHA AVATARA [Gautama Buddha Incarnation] EMERALD

The sage astrologer Parasara states, “the beings in whom the spiritual element is predominant are the celestial wanderers, the planets, while those in whom the life element predominates are living beings.” Thus the planets possess a consciousness, have power to act. They have presiding deities whom they obey. They give to the living beings the fruits of their good and bad deeds.

How to set the nine gemstones:

If the gems are to be set in a rectangle of three strips, then the sequence is as follows:




Properties of the Gems

Given below are the properties of the Nine Gems of the Navratan and how they affect our lives.

RubyThe Ruby also called Manek is said to be the stone that bestows name, fame and recognition, besides of course favours from state and government agencies. It confers on the individual the highest position if sought. It is believed to help with ailments of the heart, ulcers and fevers.

PearlThe Pearl is the best wedding present to give as it bestows Happiness, Loyalty and Good health to the wearer. Pearl represents the Moon, which is considered the nurturer of the Zodiac. It also gives emotional stability, control on anger, calmness of the mind and domestic happiness. For women it is supposed to add lustre to the face and regulate the menstrual cycle.

CoralThe Coral is said to negate the evil effects of the planet Mars. On the positive side Mars is said to be the planet of action.  Wearing of Coral helps remove obstacles in marriage and also overcome marital problems. It helps to develop self-confidence and protect married women from widowhood. It also protects children from the evil eye, - or" nazar dosh.”

EmeraldCommunications and movement is represented by planet Mercury for which the stone is the emerald. It is generally worn to improve business, trade and communication skills. It sharpens the intellect and removes speech defects. Controls nervous energy and canalises it in the right direction. Skin problems and allergic conditions are said to improve by wearing an emerald.

Yellow Sapphire
Yellow SapphireA yellow Sapphire is for security, wealth and general prosperity. It helps with academic pursuits, business and trade. The yellow sapphire also brings stability in marriage and happiness from children. It protects the liver, lungs, ears and blood circulation. For those who want to put on weight the yellow sapphire should be the choice of a gem.

DiamondThe diamond is said to add a certain charm to the wearers’ personality besides bestowing luxuries and all creature comforts too. There is an increase in material wealth, fame and enhancement of artistic abilities. It brings romance and a general zest for living back into your life. Sexual deficiencies are reduced and disorders dispelled.

Blue Sapphire
Blue Sapphire The blue sapphire adds wealth, widen the sphere of ones influence on the other people particularly if one is dealing with masses. There is also an increase in social status and prosperity. Saturn controls most diseases in the body; by wearing a blue sapphire, one is assured a long and healthy life.

HessoniteIt promotes unity in the family, health, wealth and general happiness. Recognition for work, stability in career and happiness from children is also indicated. Improves stamina and security and assures a healthy long life. It has also been known to improve vision and ward off the evil eye.

Cat’s Eye
Cats EyeIt gives a miraculous lift to a sagging career or business and trade. It has the ability to calm the mind, give patience, and control the wandering mind. Good for attaining enlightenment, -  moksha, and meditation. It has the power to cure chronic diseases.

Considering that each gem represents and controls a specific aspect of our life, the ancient seers devised a charm to enhance our life and well-being, wearing a Navratna is considered the most potent of amulet.


If you wish to wear a gemstone to enhance your fortune, do not select the stone according to jeweler's list. Even though the gemstones for each month are universally displayed at various jewellery stores, these do not have astrological sanction. According to Vedic astrology there are nine gems governing the nine planets. Of these nine, five are for the planets like Mars, - Coral, Mercury, - Emerald, Jupiter, - Yellow Sapphire, Venus, - Diamond and for Saturn, - Blue Sapphire. For Sun, which is a star, the gem is Ruby, earth’s satellite Moon, - Pearl and for two lunar nodes namely north node, that is Rahu, - Hessonite, and for south node, that is Ketu, - Cats Eye. I will not recommend wearing either Hessonite or Cats Eye for these can give diametrically opposite results. One must study individual birth chart before recommending any gemstone, more so in the case of these two gems. Other gems like Amethyst, Aquamarine, Bloodstone, Moonstone, Garnet, Peridot etc., do not have any protective value according to vedic astrology.

Similarly, readers will notice that in this concluding chapter I have recommended all gems to be set in gold and not in any other metal, as mentioned in brief features on individual gems. This is to be on the safe side, for in this feature reader is advised to select a gem based upon the zodiac sign which according to ancient vedic texts are considered to bring good fortune to those born under different signs of the zodiac.

Wear a ruby and see your life moving in an upward swing. Ruby is believed to bring happiness in love and success with money. You are generally high-strung and quick to anger, ruby will make you feel more relaxed and guard you in stressful situations. This gem should be set in a ring of gold to be worn in the ring finger either on the left or on your right hand.

You have a choice between ruby and blue sapphire, though wearing a blue sapphire will bring all round prosperity. However, it is believed that one should try out wearing a sapphire and if within a month you are confronted with problems, then you should discontinue its use. In that event wear a ruby that will bring good health and happiness. If you choose sapphire, set the gem in gold and wear it in the middle finger on either hand. And if it is ruby, it should be a single gem, set in gold and worn in the ring finger on either hand.

Diamond is your lucky gem. Wearing a single diamond set in gold ring and worn in the little finger either on your left or right hand will certainly boost your career. You will find positive response from both the sexes making you the center of attraction at most get-togethers. You generally seek recognition in your career, and are always in need of money being a compulsory spendthrift. By wearing a diamond you will be able to realise most of your dreams.

Your lucky stone is coral. Even amongst astrologers there is disagreement about the lucky gem for Cancer. However, according to ancient treatises on the prophylactic values of gems, it is mentioned the moon-born achieve tremendous success by wearing a coral. This gem set in a gold ring and worn in the ring finger is reputed to bring happiness in love and financial gains to those born under the zodiac sign Cancer.

You can either choose yellow sapphire or coral. Both these gems bring prosperity and well being to those born under Leo. Since yellow sapphire is to be worn on the index finger to derive maximum benefits, many feel awkward supporting a ring on this finger. But it is believed that if a Leo born wears a yellow sapphire in the index finger, fame and wealth is certain. Wearing a coral will certainly bring financial success and happiness in love, but may not bring you into limelight. Both these gemstones are to be set in a gold ring and whereas yellow sapphire is worn in the index finger, coral should be worn in the ring finger on either hand.

Your lucky gem is emerald. Get a single emerald set in a gold ring and wear it in the little finger on either hand. You will find series of lucky events following you in every sphere and activity in your life. It is believed that if this gemstone really begins to suit you, then there will be a sudden influx of money and an early romance or marriage. Wearing an emerald is also believed to give good health and add a glow to the skin and face.

A general belief amongst astrologers is that people born under the zodiac sign Libra are a fortunate lot. This is largely true because of the attitude displayed by most of you. Hence most gems appear to suit you for different activities in your life. However, if one were to choose the best, blue sapphire will bring fame and prosperity. Set a single sapphire in a gold ring and wear it in the middle finger on either hand and fulfil your dreams. However, since this gem has the qualities of giving adverse effects within a month if unsuited, then one should discontinue its use. In that event wear a coral set in gold ring and wear it in the ring finger on either hand. Coral will bring luck in money and romance in personal life though you may get a mate that will be a bit fiery in nature.

Your gem is a pearl. Wear it and you will realise all your dreams. Buy a good quality pearl and set it in a gold ring to wear either in the little finger or the index finger on either hand. Women can benefit even more if they were to wear a single drop pearl in each ear. This gemstone appears to have done wonders for those born under the sign of Scorpio. Apart from financial security, a stable and happy love life is assured to you. Wearing a ruby also enhances your career growth but apart from giving you status and wealth ruby may not give beneficial results on the personal front.

Your lucky gem is ruby. It is believed that if one wears a ruby, even if born under humble circumstances will scale tremendous heights in career. For love, romance and marriage, ruby assures association with a charming companion with enduring relationship and happiness. Set a single ruby in gold ring and wear it on the ring finger on either hand for luck. However, some do encounter multiple romantic entanglements by wearing this gem, in that event you may discontinue its use. In that event you must wear a coral, set in gold ring in the ring finger on either hand.

Wearing a diamond will certainly prove of great value to your career and personal life. Get a really good quality diamond, set it in a gold ring and wear it in the little finger on either hand, to sail through life with good fortune. It is believed that down to earth Capricorn; known as rational, practical and matter-of-fact, become more romantic, generous and sensitive in their social interaction by wearing a diamond. This gem will improve your love life, give a boost to your career and keep you in good health and spirits.

Diamond is your best bet. Wear a single diamond set in a gold ring in the little finger on either hand, and you will realise all your dreams. Win a friend, have a great romance followed by a near ideal marriage full of love and happiness, with lots of money to splurge. It is believed that when one born under this sign wears a diamond, will acquire a beautiful and comfortable home with a retinue of servants, a luxury car, and fine jewellery. So what is the delay. Make sufficient money at least able to afford buying a good quality diamond, other things will follow automatically.

Your lucky gem is a pearl. You can wear it in a gold ring to be worn in the index finger on either hand. Women can wear a single drop pearl in each year and enhance their charm and good fortune. Pearl is supposed to bring all round prosperity including good health and happiness in love. You will find yourself more relaxed and will be able to devote more time to personal affairs without affecting your career growth. Things will begin to happen rather smoothly with you making more money with effortless ease.


Kamini Uppal