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Jagjit Uppal grew up during his impressionable years in Dehra Dun Valley in the Shivalik range of hills. Even as a child he was enchanted by the word "DESTINY", and set out to enquire if everything is preordained in life. He started to study the occult phenomenon and the Hindu mysticism and philosophy at a very early age. His father is a math's professor who was deeply interested in subjects like astrology, palmistry, mysticism, spiritualism, trying to find some ultimate knowledge. With easy access to books on occult, Jagjit read them with enthusiasm. He was so fascinated by metaphysical subjects that he started studying them seriously. Very soon visitors at his father 's house started to believe in his predictions, which  according to them were rather uncanny and accurate. Encouraged by such a response Jagjit went deeper into astrological research and has become one of the most sought after astrologer in India and overseas, unaware all this time that his passion for the occult would eventually become his full time occupation.

Jagjit Uppal 's living in the verdant Doon Valley kept him close to Nature. During his wanderings in the Shivalik hills and the Himalayas meeting monks, mendicants and Yogis, to know and experience the mysteries of the occult he became deeply attached to nature, with its various elements, the sacred rivers, religious shrines and awe-inspiring Himalayas which is replete with Hindu myth and folklore. Jagjit's wanderings and living in the forest and river banks of the mighty Ganga, in the exclusive company of unknown Sages, who shun civilisation and limelight, made him fond of trekking in the mountains. He particularly likes the Garhwal Himalayas rich in flora and fauna, wild life, and seeped in Hindu myth and spiritualism. His love of nature, more so the mighty Ganga, Yamuna, Alaknanda and Mandakini, the most revered rivers of India, and the great Himalayas, has made him write extensively on this region.

Jagjit writes columns on astrology in some of the most prestigious publications and wrote a book on astrology "Marriages are made in Heaven"  for IBH publication in 1980. Jagjit Uppal has appeared on most TV channels with his programme "Bolen Taarey", being most popular on Zee TV in 1992-93.

Jagjit Uppal was featured on BBC's "Around the world in 80 days" made in 1988 and his prediction  for Michael Palin's trip around the world came true. He has appeared in TV programmes in Netherlands and interviewed on popular channels in USA. He was invited to give talks on astrology in Europe in 1993 that was sponsored by AIR INDIA and TCI.

Jagjit Uppal has now been practicing astrology  for over 30 years and has wide clientele around the world. He is the "Resident Astrologer" at the Taj Intercontinental Hotel in Bombay, since 1982. Jagjit left Mumbai in 2008 and is now settled in Dehradun in Uttarakhand known as DEV BHOOMI meaning THE ABODE OF GODS.

Jagjit Uppal's other passions besides astrology is trekking in the mountains to be close to nature and as he says, always to be with "Much better (than me) half, wife Kamini Uppal".