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Rich and Famous

We all wish to become rich and if we were more ambitious we would not mind achieving fame. And most people do work hard at acquiring wealth but few achieve the affluence they aspire for in their lives. There are many people having great wealth at their disposal but they may not be well known, while it is not unlikely that a person may be famous but without having any significant wealth.

Apart from your talent, intellect, hard work, perseverance, aptitude and application of knowledge, the luck factor plays a significant role in giving you monetary affluence. Fame in any case is largely restricted to the choice of your career unless of course, you get super rich that in it brings recognition.

We will discuss a few astrological factors in one's birth chart that determines the type of success one is destined to enjoy. Though this is a highly intricate matter in astrology, requiring study of hundreds of permutations and combinations, we shall explain this issue through visuals that will be easy to follow.

In your birth chart the houses 1st, 5th, 9th, 10th and 11th are considered most important for the matter under discussion. The planets are assigned ownership over particular zodiac signs and their position in them is considered beneficial. Then the planets are considered exalted in certain zodiac signs and their position in these signs renders them extremely powerful to bestow good fortune. Firstly note down this planetary ownership and their signs of exaltation.

Planet Ownership Exaltation
Sun Leo Aries
Moon Cancer Taurus
Mars Aries and Scorpio Capricon
Mercury Gemini and Virgo Virgo
Jupiter Sagittarius and Pisces Cancer
Venus Taurus and Libra Pisces
Saturn Capricorn and Aquarius Libra

When you see a horoscope prepared according to the Indian system of astrology, you will see numbers written in certain sectors. These are zodiac signs. Note down the numbers of each zodiac sign.

  1. ARIES
  3. GEMINI.
  5. LEO
  6. VIRGO
  7. LIBRA
  12. PISCES

Astrological Chart

In an astrological chart the rising sign contains a certain number that could be any from 1, 2, 3, 4 to 12. Hence when you see the number 10, you know this is Capricorn and that Capricorn is the ascendant.

When you see a planet situated in its own sign or its sign of exaltation, it will lead to good tidings.

Now look at the diagram of a standard horoscope. Some sectors are highlighted in colour. These are the most important sectors that make one rich, and famous.

This is the first house or the rising sign or the ascendant signifying the self.

This is the 5th house signifying luck.

This is the 9th house indicating fortune.

This is the 10th house representing your career, profession and fame.

This is the 11th house that shows all round gains.

Now you can open your horoscope, if you have one made according to Indian system, and compare if you have any strong planets in any or most of these houses? If you do, you stand a good chance making it to the big league. Those who do not find any such factors in their birth charts should not get disheartened for there are several other factors in a birth chart that can bring about great prosperity and fame. Conversely if you find you have such combination in your birth chart but you have not yet made it big, don't worry you do stand a chance.

Horoscope of Bill Gates


The 1st house has number 3 meaning Gemini is ascending in the east and Mercury is its ruler. Mercury is situated in the 4th house in number 6 that is Virgo, its sign of exaltation. This makes 1st house very strong.

5th house has Venus in its own house and Saturn in exaltation.

10th house has the Moon, the most important factor according to Indian system, which is based upon the lunar system.

That makes Bill Gates rich and famous but of course due to his intellect, hard work and aptitude. Let us not forget that destiny fulfils itself through our own actions.


Kamini Uppal