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The Darker Side

WE are all nice people always trying to be good to others and of course to ourselves. But some inside all of us have some dark secrets hidden in our personalities that occasionally surface in our weaker moments. Find out about your Darker Side.




(March 21- April 20)
You are the child of the most self-centred egoistic and eccentric sign. You have a nasty temper and can hurt others easily. You derive a sadistic pleasure from criticising everyone else and live in a fantasy world in which you regard yourself as a messiah. You are so absent-minded that you are abnormally accident-prone.



(April 21- May 20)
You are so pessimistic that you always think of the impending end of the world. Not content with your own treasure of obsession, you give others heart attacks with your nervousness and brooding. You are rigid, obstinate, and greedy and will not move your little finger unless you are paid to. Certainly you are the ambitious mercenary of the Zodiac. Your avarice cannot go unnoticed, as from childhood you have avidly demanded every item of food at the dining table yourself.



(May 21- June 20)
You are the most, unreliable of the lot. And you needn’t compliment yourself if you think you have won some popularity. Others are probably making fun of your superficiality. If you bristle with irritability, blame it on your gossipy nature. You have no reason to complain about disloyalty to you, your lot practically invented the term! You’ll be a rolling stone all your life.



(June 21- July 21)
Great martyr, you are a living legend. See anyone smiling and gay, you are certain to tell him the world is a filthy, wretched place to live in. You want the alms of sympathy from the world and play the great sufferer-and sorrowful, and emotionally insecure person.



(July 22 - August 21)
If you are not conceited, who is? You’ll overdo your dress, or tart yourself up to attract others. If you are married, your eyes will stay riveted on your spouse at every party; and someone has just to greet him or her with a ‘hello’ and at once you feel betrayed. No one can be as suspicious as you. You love flatterers and love to have yes-men around you.



(August 22 - September 21)
Succeed in any venture and that is your most miserable day. You are always discontented. Because your neighbour is “so much more successful “ .You think you deserve the best, and the best always eludes you. If you happen to sneeze at breakfast, you’ll take leave of all work and consult a doctor “to locate the tuberculi bacilli in my lung”. If someone makes the mistake of asking you about the nature of your work at a party, he’ll be kept up all night with an entire historical chronicle of your career.



(September 22 - October 22)
Gullible child of the Zodiac, you are capricious. Take part in a debate or a wordy duel and you'll end up using absurd and illogical arguments. And you pride yourself on being the most logical of them all! Your eternal problem is that you feel everyone misunderstands you. As you move from one relationship to another, others will call you flirtatious... or worse. But how do they know that you're forever in search of your soulmate?



(October 23 - November 21)
You are a vindictive, dogmatic, rather malicious brute. You are rigid in your philosophy on life and are intolerant of others and their viewpoints. You think you are the saviour of suffering mankind and if others are ignorant, you’ll make sure they become aware of your superiority.



(November 22 - December 20)
You are the clumsiest of all members of the zodiac. Let a female Sagittarian serve anyone food, she is sure to spill the beans on his head. You are tactless and make others aware of your follies and mistakes. You are most unreliable and irresponsible at work. But, for your self-respect you can make any compromise.



(December 21 - January 19)
You are stuffy, and think yourself to be genius, you critical snob. You are overweight but think you have perfect figure. You don’t find anything amusing in life except your own jokes. Your opinion is that people are boring, mechanical and humdrum. But you are unaware of the fact that you are the most boring and staid of them all. You can withdraw at any time and suddenly turn gloomy at odd moments.



(January 20 - February 18)
Most difficult to please, you are a hypersensitive eccentric. Highly moody and temperamental, you want others to do contrary things at one and the same time. Your crazy philosophy drives others up the wall. In your effort to be unconventional you end up dressing like a clown. Your perverse behaviour is the cause of your own troubles.



(February 19 - March 20)
Your indecision drives others mad. You may be distorting facts when you think you are being highly imaginative. You think you suffer the injustice of the world—what touching self-pity! Actually you are careless and make mistakes, but will never wake up to your failings.



Kamini Uppal