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Time For Love

Our universe is forever in motion with different heavenly bodies traversing their individual orbit in a set pattern. Amongst the various planets the Mars and the Venus hold especial significance in our lives since they represent desire, ambition, action and fulfilment. If the planet Mars signifies male principle and romantic desires, the planet Venus represents the object of desire, love, emotion or the beloved.

The conjunction or coming together of Mars and Venus normally happens once in about two years but it is for a brief duration. In 2010 Mars and Venus will be in close proximity for about three months between August to December. The union of these heavenly lovers is more significant this year because this will occur in the zodiac signs of Virgo to Scorpio where Libra and Scorpio are respectively by Venus and Mars. This coming together of aggressive Mars and refined Venus is going to happen during the auspicious season of Navratri creatic romantic atmosphere and desires. The arrows of Cupid will smite most people, and the Kamadeva, the God of love, making them indulge in amorous sport.

Whereas the married will feel a renewed spark in their relationship, the single and the eligible will find themselves drawn into a fiery romance. However, since this union of Mars and Venus is for a period of about three months, their association though intense, is unlikely to be enduring. Those couples that have been estranged for some time will patch up their differences during this period. A word of caution for the married for some of them may get drawn into a secret liaison resulting in separation from their mate. Hence if there will be intense romantic activity during the autumn season let not the winters become a heartbreak time.

Let us now see how the conjunctions of these two planets affect those born under different zodiac signs.





(March 21- April 20)
You can prepare yourself for a good companionship with your mate or beloved who is likely to respond to your romantic overtures with equal zeal and fervour. You will get into the mood for adventure and may plan an exciting holiday. You are assured an immensely satisfying trip that will further strengthen your ties making this one of the most memorable periods of your personal life. Some of you will have a minor affair with someone you admire secretly. But make sure your don't spoil your beautiful equation that you may have achieved with your partner after a long period of courtship.



(April 21- May 20)
Your romantic aspirations will get fulfilled during this year's season of autumn. There will be a feeling of more physical energy that will generate an equally strong response from your mate or beloved. However, in your case there is likely to be more than one attraction towards the members of the opposite sex that could create some trouble later. This is the time to remain with your mate or beloved where intimate togetherness is certainly pleasurable. However, those couples who will be away from their partners due to travel or other reasons will find themselves getting involved elsewhere.



(May 21- June 20)
After a long period of loneliness or lack lustre love life, you can look forward to a torrid romance. The married will enjoy a period of conjugal bliss that may have been missing for long. It will be a delirious time spent in the exclusive company of your mate or beloved oblivious from worldly cares and worries. New ties will be forged by the fancy-free that has the making of a lasting association. Those who have been just friends will now discover their physical attraction for each other and catch up with the lost time spent in endless search for a mate.



(June 21- July 21)
For most of you the period between August to December is of hectic social activity. You will make many new friends from amongst your office colleagues and social circle. The married will enjoy a happy togetherness though your mate will complain of neglect from you. This will be more due to your profitable involvement in your career and a busy social life. However, during the month of October/November you will catch up on your romantic life and plan a holiday in the company of your mate or beloved. This trip will certainly be full of romance and adventure.



(July 22 - August 21)
You will be accused of being married to your career or profession by your mate or beloved. This will apply more to the married couples. The fancy-free will get romantically involved with a colleague of the opposite sex. Even the married run the risk of getting entangled in a clandestine affair with someone they work with at office. For some of you opportunities for an amorous sport seem to come at most inopportune time. It seems that just when you are poised for a major growth in your career there are distractions like romantic overtures from someone or proposal for marriage for the single.



(August 22 - September 21)
You will have an upsurge of desire not necessarily fulfilled. Your mate or beloved will be more pre-occupied with domestic or career issues than the delights of romance. What could get more frustrating is that your sense of loyalty towards your partner makes you shy away from someone who is sincerely in love with you. If you are single and eligible, then the object of your desire may not show much interest in your romantic overtures, or you get attracted to someone unworthy while neglecting the one who is deeply in love with you. There seem to be an anticipation of great love affair that is more imagined than actual.



(September 22 - October 22)
The autumn of 2010 is verily the time for romantic pastime, more for you than those born under other zodiac signs. There are no-holds-barred in amorous indulgence for the single and a blissful time for the married. You will be so much pre-occupied with leisure and romance that it seems you will take a long vacation in the company of your mate or beloved. The lovers will be seemed as inseparable during the remaining months of the year. You will be the envy of your friends and colleagues and someone may even try to break your idyllic environment with romantic overtures. Stay on guard and make the best of the romantic season.



(October 23 - November 21)
You will give in to the arrows of the cupid and indulge with vigour in amorous pastime. The married will find their mate excitedly demanding and you are certainly not going to complain. Your response to matters of the heart seems so intense that as if you have discovered love for the first time. And of course, for some of you the delights of a romantic entanglement will indeed be for the first time. However, the single and the eligible should rein in their enthusiasm for their romantic association may not be lasting. It could be quite heart breaking when you discover that the relationship though sincere in intent may not carry on beyond the season of spring



(November 22 - December 20)
You will get drawn to someone who seems to have taken fancy for you. This may not be a romantic association even though there exists a strong physical attraction. The married need to be particularly careful and not give in to the romantic overtures coming from a married person. Even if someone who is single, the attraction towards you during the autumn of this year appears more as personal need than any emotional involvement. If you are trying to woo someone you are advised to withdraw than waste your time and money in this fruitless pursuit. For you the period between October to December appears to signify more daydreaming than actual romance.



(December 21 - January 19)
Generally serious and reticent about matters of personal life, the charms of cupid will work wonders on your emotions this autumn. You will find yourself exuberantly vociferous about your love life. Your obsession about your mate or beloved will be evident to all and you will make no effort in concealing your emotions. You will enjoy the pleasures of romantic togetherness that you may have abstained from for long. Even your partner will be surprised to see you in such mood paying lavish compliments and buying gifts as allurements. The single and the eligible will be swept off their feet by someone they meet around the autumn equinox. A strong and intimate romance starts this spring may even result in a happy and lasting marriage.



(January 20-February 18)
The coming together of Mars and Venus this year will bring happy tidings for your career and finance. You will find yourself making rapid progress, more due to the advent of an acquaintance of the opposite sex coming in your life. Such an incident will also see you at the crossroads when you discover that this particular person is strongly attracted to you. If you are single and unattached then you will enter into a whirlwind of romance. However, if you are married or already in love then you may have to do some real tight ropewalk. You may not be able to avoid any liaison during the winter of this year, but its outcome is quite unpredictable.



(February 19 - March 20)
You will enjoy the intoxicating coolness of the winters when the festival season is in full swing. Your mate or beloved will be by your side most times and you will together bask in the playful game of love. There will be no room for the third person to interfere in your intimate relationship. In fact the sheer joy and beauty of your love for one another will inspire and instil hope in others that such heavenly togetherness is possible on the planet earth. The married, in their enjoyment of each other's company will seem to be living on a different plane of existence. Enjoy the delights of winter festivities.



Kamini Uppal