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Sense And Sensuality

We always talk of what we want in our man. He should be tall, broad, intelligent, witty and sensual. And make great efforts in winning such a creature with alluring charm and sensuality. We paint ourselves, wear sexy clothes, cultivate right attitude and try to be present at the right place at the right time. And yet things may not go right. A woman apart from knowing what she wants, if she gets to know what her man seeks in her and wants in a relationship, she is likely to emerge as a winner in amorous sport. Here are a few tips.

AriesIn Aries man you are attracted to a lover, a veritable Casanova. He is attracted to an intelligent woman who is physically fit, and a good conversationalist. He likes to talk and seeks an intelligent listener who makes right comments and furthers the topic that hold his interest. He looks directly into your eyes so make sure you have done them up right. A touch of colour on eyelids could turn him on. Dont forget the lips, for, when he is listening and observing you, he is assessing you from your eyes, expression and the way you speak. Make sure your shirt or blouse buttons are secured till the neck. He will unbutton these later, for he likes to unravel mysteries and detest things offered on a platter. But remember to choose a soft material for your tops that reveals the bounties underneath. Do not pose a challenge but show that you are a fighter. When he will kiss you, first on the eyes and then on the lips, he is certain to grab you in a tight embrace. Dont push him away and for your own sake do not tell him to be gentle. He is a combatant and likes a little bit of aggression. Keep in mind that he is a Ram. Let him feel that he has conquered you and you would have won the first round.

TaurusIf you are drawn to a Taurus man then you better be seeking stability. He is not flirtatious and will not like someone playing with his emotions. Here is a levelheaded man, down to earth practical, conventional and yet in love with the idea of love. Make sure you carry books on art and culture along with ones on finance and management. He is attracted to voluptuous females well-endowed in right places. If you are skinny you stand no chance. He likes to weigh pros and cons of all that interests him, may it be stocks and shares or woman he loves. He loves to examine his wares minutely and can get hooked to a woman who wears slightly provocative and revealing dress, revealing to him only. He is possessive about his objects, animate and inanimate. You may be aware his symbol is the Bull and they say never show Red to the Bull. But it works the other way round in Homo sapiens. Red attracts him and he will go in to gorge but of a different kind. He loves to caress the neck and kiss on the shoulders, so make sure to highlight these regions in your dress. He is gentle in his love. Bull in a China shop does not fit him. He may take his time to make up his mind. A little bit of help from you will turn the tide in your favour.

GeminiThese are the naughty ones. If you find yourself getting drawn to a Gemini man, and most girls do fall in love with them, then be prepared to do a course in How to win a man. They like glamour and girls with proven talent are their natural choice. A very pretty girl but dumb in their eyes will stand no chance. They are attracted to someone who is talked about in office, or is in some manner an important person. They love well-groomed, well-dressed girls who are very intelligent and who can stimulate them intellectually. It is only after their mental interest is aroused that they will look at your physical attributes. And if you have an well-endowed bust, and wear a little plunging neckline in dress, they are done with. The zodiac symbol of Gemini is Twins, - children. And most children if not all get their first sustenance from breast-feed. Well these have not grown up and are still looking for a soft cuddle by the busty female. But you must not forget that there are dairies available in plenty all around and these types do have a roving eye. It is accepted fact that Geminis tend to get flirtatious. But a woman of substance will win over others.

CancerIf you are attracted to a man born under the sign Cancer, you must be a sober and stable kind of a person. He likes girls who are good managers and efficient workers. No wonder then that their hunting ground is girls working in Food and Beverages or in Banquets in five star hotels, or even flight stewardesses. Even fund managers indicate inherent capacity of an able efficient woman. He gets attracted to women who are shapely, slightly dusky variety and those who appear soft to touch. They are slow and even shy in matters of the heart and may need a little bit encouragement from you. They are good listeners and keen observers. When in conversation a girl drops even hints of her interest, they begin to think on matter physical. Yes, these are the real physical kind and would love to caress you. Their touch is soft and amorous and can arouse the coldest of feminine passion. They are fiercely loyal and expect the same in woman. If you are on a diet then you stand no chance for your presence would make them guilty for having a healthy appetite for good cuisine. In fact you should be rather update on culinary delights and should be able to order tea/coffee or snacks at right times. The best way to a mans heart is through his stomach is the apt adage for one born under this zodiac sign.

LeoThe subject of your attention happens to be a straight upright man. He is very conscious of his status and image and would not like doing anything wrong. In fact he tends to believe that he is never wrong. He likes woman to admire him, and if she is intelligent, talkative, slim and shapely then she holds his interest. He is drawn to woman with small breasts, and considers buxom beauties as sloppy. A woman wearing shades of yellow or orange in dress, or a dark coloured lipstick, arouses his passion. While in conversations with him make sure to occasionally add you are right sir, and also compliment him on his understanding of the subject matter. In short, boost his ego. Dont expect him to declare his love and attraction in company of others, for he will invite you for a drive, or for a quiet dinner, and then hold your hand to show his interest. All this time until he gets to touch you, he is getting obsessed with the idea of taking you into his arms for a tight embrace. There will not be long drawn preliminaries, for he has enough bottled up emotions now bursting for outlet. No wonder they get drawn to woman who show a little wild streak of a rebel. Because that is their secret urges to be but are too inhibited due to their rigid principles. Take him into the world of wild fantasy and you would have tamed a lion.

VirgoWhen attracted to man born under the zodiac sign Virgo bear in mind that he is down to earth practical. He is particular about your dress, make-up, hairstyle and the way you conduct yourself. Your physical attributes are more important than your academic qualifications and intellectual prowess. Because he thinks he has in him all the attributes to make him successful in his career and is definitely not seeking a walking encyclopaedia. A woman is an intelligent physical entity to be made love to rather than bother her with matters intellectual or mundane affairs. He is drawn to woman well endowed with breasts, fair in complexion, large eyes, emotional and sympathetic. She should be neat and clean in person and dress, and certainly display feminine attributes than a manly aggression. Once attracted to you he will show his affection by giving gifts and expensive presents, but will rarely compliment you. If you like him to propose marriage to you make sure not to rush him nor expect him to make the first move. He will be quite contented in having an affair and if it is without any commitment the better. Be prepared to use all your feminine charms to seduce the Virgin.

LibraIt is quite easy to fall in love with a man born under the zodiac sign Libra. And he has many admirers in the opposite sex. Anyone coming in contact with them will, at one time or another has an urge to know them intimately. And they know it very well. No wonder they have a bloated ego. These are the refined and a cultured lot and get attracted to well-groomed and beautiful creatures of the opposite sex. A woman immaculately dressed and wearing a soft herbal perfume, and who speaks in measured tones will have his attention. The mouth with a slight pout in lips could send the Libra man in a tizzy. Combine this with soft rounded breasts, covered by silk or satin material and he may not be able to keep his hands to himself. You should be prepared for his playful touch on your breasts or waist, he just loves to hold a woman by her waist, and listen to his romantic compliments. If you think he has to first declare his love for you before you give your unspoken consent for the liberties he takes, then you can forget it. He will first flirt with you before getting seriously involved. So you may have to take your chances. Later if you are good in the game of love only then you could tilt the balance in your favour.

ScorpioThe man born under the zodiac sign Scorpio conjures in our mind a strong hypnotic person and highly sensuous. It may not be untrue but uncharacteristically he could be shy at the same time. He loves slender body in female, agile and athletic, fit for all the acrobatics that he is likely to put her into while making love. You should have a sense of adventure and willing to take risk. He is too proud to declare his love so be prepared to take the initiative. He will take charge from thereon and you will be swept off your feet without you realising what are happening. After having made the first move in expressing your admiration for him, better stays put and dont show any willingness for physical intimacy. He doesnt like to be touched or kissed by a woman. He must do it himself. For if you show aggression first, he feels cheated and let down. Surprisingly he is gentle in love as far as the preliminaries and thereafter he loves to maul his mate. He loves to leave telltale signs of love on your neck, on your upper arms or upper part of your breasts. And until he gets to meet you closely he would like to see those marks on you as the sign of his possession. If you are prepared for such a sting of the Scorpio, then go for him.

SagittariusThe zodiac symbol of this sign is the Archer, - Centaur. They aim high and are ambitious. They are extroverted and get easily attracted to buxom beauties, more so if she is well dressed and pays attention to her make-up. You better be very intelligent, quick on the uptake, good at your job and an efficient hostess. He generally gets attracted at first sight and makes his admiration for you known in clear terms. He will pay you compliments and give lavish gifts and ask you out on a date. If you appear even a little hesitant he will withdraw and then you do not exist for him anymore. Thereafter even if you bend over backwards to regain his attention, you will not succeed. So it is at once or never. If you still love him and seek him, you have a long hard task ahead for you. Make sure you excel in your work and come into the limelight and in some manner pose a challenge to his capabilities. And make it obvious to him that you are as good if not better than him. He will begin to notice and will pursue you until you accept his romantic overtures. You should be prepared to face raw brute physical force in this association.

CapricornIf you are in love with a man born under the sign of Capricorn you are handling a difficult proposition. He is quiet, dignified, intelligent observer and stickler to rules, - rules made by him. He may appear slow and lazy in his demeanour as a river crocodile but is as alert as this species when it sees a prey. He gets attracted to woman dressed in stark white or dark blue dress and plunging neckline that accentuates her bust. He stalks the subject of his attention and tries to gauge her feelings. If you have succeeded in giving enough hints of your attraction, then expect him to surprise you one day from close behind with a whisper in your ear expressing his love while encircling you in his arms. He wont care if others are present for he loves to announce his feelings when in love. He loves kissing on the neck and softly biting your earlobes while his hands are busy elsewhere. In short he can be all over you. Having expressed his feelings he could then suddenly get drawn into his work giving you the impression that he is no longer interested. Do not make the mistake of telling him that you are feeling neglected that would be intruding upon his work. If you are in love with crocodile be patient like him.

AquariusIf a man born under the zodiac sign Aquarius has attracted you then you are seeking a perfect man. He is noble, humane, generous, loving caring and honest. You have to be intelligent and speak in measured tone, softly and should have interest in subjects like art, poetry and philosophy apart from your expertise in your regular vocation. He gets attracted to woman wearing difficult shades in dress like violet, dark brown, indigo and turquoise. You should stand out as original. If you are one of those who like to be in with everything in vogue, then you are not his kind. He likes to search the soul in the woman and the depth of her mind before he even notices her physical attributes. If you succeed in gaining his attention, then be prepared to go for long walks with him engrossed in deep meaningful conversation, not of the romantic kind but more philosophic. Even after a nice relaxing dinner date and long drive home, he may not even give you a romantic look let alone a kiss. If you think that could be frustrating then back out fast. He will take his own time to penetrate your mind spirit and body. He will declare his love for you not in words but with a kiss on the neck collarbone, then eyes before giving a full long drawn out kiss on the mouth. That kiss is his pledge for a lasting love and attachment to you.


If you are attracted to one born under the zodiac sign Pisces, you better be strong emotionally and extroverted, to draw him out. He is a dreamer, a romantic and appears aloof and withdrawn. At times you will find him uncharacteristically outspoken and extroverted and friendly while mostly he likes to remain distant. He is unpredictable and mysterious. He likes women who are medium in built, dusky, narrow mouth, soft spoken, well dressed, intelligent, artistic in taste and not aggressively career-oriented. If you are in pursuit of achieving wonders in your career, leave the Pisces man alone. He doesn’t like such types who are ambitious to achieve material gains and having no dreams of romance and adventure. Woman usually dressed in deep shades of green in dress will fascinate him, and if she has interest in singing or dance, he gets hooked to her. A woman fond of going to theatre to see a play, or visits library to search some rare books and is fond of history and culture is certain to win him. If you are a swimmer, a trekker in the mountains, physically fit with a very narrow waistline, firm bust and abundant but not big backside, you have then caught the ‘Fish’ hook line and sinker.


Kamini Uppal