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Zodiac Signs: The Peculiarities



AriesCharacteristics Of Aries

If you are born between 21st March and 20th April the zodiac sign of Aries governs you.  Those who know their horoscopes and find Aries rising, or the moon in Aries, should also check for certain personality traits under this sign.

Of the members of the zodiac, you are, as it were, the child.  Life for you, therefore, is like play, like a game. Those who take an interest in you easily attract you.  But your fascination is generally short-lived.  Adhering to the truth is your greatest virtue, and you are forthright and outspoken.

With your keen intellect, you are full of ideas.  But on the intellectual level you tend towards a lack of discipline and it is likely that you may find it difficult to implement your schemes at time.  Variety and change stimulate your interest.  You are endowed with the spirit of adventure, and you love to travel.  Staid security is not for you.  Few Arians get themselves insured.  Unpredictable, unconventional, you like to be always on the move, conquering new fields and expanding your vista of knowledge. You have to work hard to achieve success. Things don't come easily to you.

You generally like shades of red and brown in you attire; and you are attracted towards those dressing in green or blue.  Green eyes attract you the most.  You like people who have athletic physiques, and you yourself have a well-proportioned figure, with a well-developed chest, narrow waist and supple hips.  Your walk is jaunty, and you dislike crowded thoroughfares where you feel movement is constricted.  Regular exercise forms a part of your daily routine, and you are likely to have swimmers and gymnasts among your circle of friends.  You will, in all probability, find people having 'A',  'M', and 'S' as the initial letters of their names associated with you.

Love is extremely important to you.  You generally get involved with persons who are both talkative and intelligent.  And once someone comes to hold your interest you are profuse at paying compliments.  When in love you tend to neglect all your other duties.  Love is a full-time job for you.  You are never tired of breaking new ground in the art or technique of lovemaking.  But if your partner shows even a little indifference, you drop him or her completely.  You seek complete submission from your partner; but you like to be confronted with a little resistance, breaking which gives you a feeling of conquest and superiority. You like your partner to appreciate you demonstratively, but cannot brook being criticized.  One of your demands is that your beloved devotes all his or her time to you. Being late for an appointment upsets you and most Arians have broken off friendships because of such a minor mishap. You like being the centre of attraction.  You speak fluently and are able to switch from one topic to another.  Thinking twice before speaking is not a principle you adhere to.  This sometimes causes hurt, but you are quick to apologize.  In turn, you expect others too to own up to their mistakes. A little more consideration for others could add to the charm of your personality.


TAURUSCharacteristics Of Taurus

If you are born between 21st April and 20th May, the zodiac sign of Taurus governs you.  Those who know their horoscopes and find Taurus rising, or the moon in Taurus, should also check for certain personality traits under this sign.

You are a very friendly person.  Loyalty is your strong point.  Only a few people may be associated with you closely; but those few can be assured of your sincere and enduring friendship.  You have fixed ideas and dislike people with frivolous dispositions.  Since you respect established conventions, you rarely subscribe to extreme radical views.  You have one or two very close friends and generally seek their opinions on personal matters.  Large social functions don't attract you, for you prefer to attend only informal get-together.

Since you have as an artistic bent of mind, the pursuit of some field of art as a career or vocation is most natural to you.  As a lover, you are steady but are likely to come across a fickle partner.  The problem is that you expect your love-mate to follow your way of thinking, so your rigid stance and obstinacy can cause misunderstandings.  Your first love-association generally ends in a fiasco.  This could be because you make a wrong choice.

People who talk in a soft tone of voice, and those who have a taste for music attract you the most.  But you do not make any particular effort to cultivate a friendship.  However, when the other person happens to take an interest in you, your feelings are aroused in reciprocation.  In general behaviour and manners, you are modest and exercise moderation.  This is reflected in your choice of dress and colour.  Pastel shades are your favourite.  You have a fine voice and speak with clear diction and intonation - in fact; you often receive praise for your well-modulated voice.  Although you tend to be slightly stout, you have a good physique, square shoulders, a sensuous mouth, and an honest look in your eyes.  You speak far less than you listen.  Being a keen observer, you can spend hours watching people at their different tasks.  Although you rarely fly into a temper, you can be violent if rubbed the wrong way.  Once crossed, you usually nurse a grudge and are likely to avenge any wrong done to you; you can forgive anyone except a friend who has harmed you.  A flexible approach to life could make you more popular and happy.


GEMINICharacteristics Of Gemini

If you are born between 21st May and 20th June the zodiac sign of Gemini governs you.  Those who know their horoscopes and find Gemini rising, or the moon in Gemini, should also look for certain personality traits under this sign.

The most humane of people, you are kind and generous towards one and all.  Full of ideas that are highly imaginative, you are restless until you see your schemes bear fruit.  As a humanist, you generally lead enterprises whose object is to alleviate human misery.  This makes your outlook realistic and practical.  You are aware of the role that you play in life and wish to be duly rewarded by society.

A good speaker, you can easily influence others by your firm convictions and persuasive manners.  You are quite popular, and have a large number of friends and admirers.  But you can be moody and temperamental at times, and can withdraw completely into yourself.

In dress, you go for shades of green - the colour of Nature and springtime, fertility and life.  You like to attend social functions and large gatherings.  While you accept compliments easily, you are also very liberal with words of praise for one and all - sometimes, even for the undeserving.  This could mean your having some hangers-on around you.  Members of the opposite sex hold a keen interest for you and you are often involved in secret affairs.  With your various associations you could be labelled flirtations - but you couldn't care less!  You usually take your involvements lightly, causing grief and anxiety to the other person.  But you cannot be blamed, as you make your intentions clear from the beginning.

There is a streak of exhibitionism or 'performing' in you.  Therefore, you often find a career in the field of the communications media:  radio, television or cinema, or even law.  You have a flair for writing too, although you restrict yourself to journalism and are rarely a creative artist.  You can be very stubborn about your views and defend them strongly with logical arguments.  But there is hardly any enmity in your dealings with people, - you make a good friend.  In case of any discord or dispute, you like to drop the matter completely.  Never do you nurse a grudge.  You forgive your opponents - if only because you think that they are less intelligent than you, and therefore not capable of understanding you!

Yes, you are self-centred.  Even when gifted with varied talents, you lack decision in choosing a career.  But those associated with the fine arts, or with the media, excel in their fields and achieve recognition quite early in life.


CANCERCharacteristics Of Cancer

If you are born between 21st June and 21st July, the zodiac sign of Cancer governs you.  Those who know their horoscopes and find Cancer as the rising sign, or the moon in Cancer should also check for certain personality traits under this sign.

In an effort to find people who hold views and ideas similar to yours, you are forever seeking new companions.  As part of this search, you often join particular clubs, groups or societies in consonance with your ideological beliefs.  You can be clannish and an ardent admirer of things and matters traditional.  Sincere as a friend, you easily get involved with those who exhibit the slightest sympathy towards you.  This trait of yours sometimes leads people to take advantage of you; watch out for opportunists who need your favours.  Such experience makes you withdrawn and suspicious towards one and all.  A strange duality then shows in your behaviour.  In reaction, you are warm and generous with those whom you have already accepted as friends, but tend to be cold to the idea of making further fresh acquaintances.

Another aspect of this duality is a sudden fluctuation in moods.  Extrovert at one moment and introvert at another, you laugh and enjoy group conversation, then unexpectedly withdraw into yourself, in a state of reserve, hermit-like - in the manner of the crab, the symbol of your sign.  When questioned about the cause of this hide-and-seek play of alternate geniality and moodiness, you can hardly explain it, even to yourself.  Perhaps it all stems from the nature of the moon, which rules your zodiac sign.  For the moon, as we are aware, alternately waxes and wanes in its monthly cycle around the earth.

You seek out a focal point in your life around which you centre most of your activities.  This focal point generally happens to be a career, or an ideal that you need to fulfil.  Rarely does it take the form of love for a particular person.  In spite of your strong desire, you are generally denied a lasting relationship with a person who could understand you completely in matters of love.  For you the streams of career and of life diverge from matters of the heart.  Most of the time you tend to neglect your love life.  You could be highly successful in public life, or as a politician, or as a research scholar in the field of medicine, or even as a painter.  You are a serious student of life and dislike people who take things frivolously.  Your continuous search for a fit, trustworthy partner is not because you are flirtatious, but because a suitable person hardly ever enters your life.

Rarely does a Cancer born enjoy both a successful career as well as a happy love life.  It is either of the two.  If you get involved with a person of the opposite sex early in life and get married, it turns out to be an extremely blissful union.  You are loyal and faithful to your vows.  You easily win the trust of your partner; who helps equally in building up a happy domestic life.  The home becomes a haven: your retreat from the hard, thorny realities of life.  You have few friends, and these are family friends, because family members are included in the orbit of your social life.  Those of you, who do not find love and are busy setting up a career, rarely marry.  You presume you have ample time to settle down.  Undoubtedly, you make great strides in your career, but remain lonely and single.  However, your dedication to your vocation, and especially the thought of serving humanity, keeps you happily absorbed all through the course of your life. 


Characteristics Of Leo

If you are born between 22nd July and 21st August, the zodiac sign of Leo governs you.  Those who know their horoscopes and find Leo rising, or the moon in Leo, should also check for certain personality traits under this sign.

Their regal bearing can easily spot Leos.  Fairly tall, you stand erect, walk with long strides, and usually greet people with a slight bow of the head.  Your manner is friendly and people approach you with ease.  But that is as far as you permit strangers to go.  They immediately sense your reserve and leave you alone.  Happy to be by yourself, you stay aloof from those around you, and revel in your own 'uniqueness'.

A good conversationalist, you are generally well informed and like to discuss any subject under the sun.  However, some of your ideas are very orthodox, and this shows up in your conversation.  For instance, you do not believe that a criminal can be reformed and may even believe in capital punishment.  For you, goodness is inherited by birth.  You have strange ideas about how to remove certain social evils, but inwardly you believe that all efforts at reformation are futile.  On this matter you can be very rigid, and at times defend certain barbaric methods of punishment employed by ancient rulers.

Entering into an argument stimulates your intellect, and you enjoy meeting people who hold views contrary to yours.  But you cannot be easily influenced, nor can you persuade others.  Your discussions are more an exercise in logic than a genuine exchange of opinions.  After a debate you emerge all the more convinced in your own beliefs.  However, it is a completely different matter when you meet a person of the opposite sex.  You charm them with your sunny disposition and polite manners, although your language tends to be somewhat high-flown.  This may come naturally to you, but it sounds cultivated and artificial to others.  Your cultured way of speaking shows a sense of refinement, though it may appear outmoded in certain circles.  Your straightforward approach makes it easy for you to get involved with persons of the opposite sex, and you give the impression of falling in love at first sight.  But this impression lasts only for the duration of the conversation.  Because, when it is time to part, you withdraw abruptly, scarcely lingering on to exchange good-byes.  You pose a challenge and many wish to 'tame' you into falling in love with them.

Those who break away from conventions seem to attract you.  Perhaps this is your way of responding to a similar secret desire in yourself - which somehow remains fulfilled.  Your sociable nature keeps you bound to the usual social conventions, though you are inclined to make some rules of your own; so you come to admire the courage of those who can be completely independent in spirit, caring little for what others have to say.  You are very particular about your 'image' on society.

Living in the present does not satisfy you; you seek refuge either in the glory of the past or in a future utopia.  You work for worldly glory that normally comes to you in the form of financial riches and fame, while some of you may also win governmental or state honours.  If you can realize that the past is past and the future cannot be planned to the last detail, you can make a success of your life.


VIRGOCharacteristics Of Virgo

If you are born between 22nd August and 21st September, the zodiac sign of Virgo governs you.  Those who know their horoscopes and find Virgo rising, or the moon in Virgo, should also check for certain personality traits under this sign.

You are a jovial person, taking life as it comes.  You do not fret over life's miseries, which you consider an unavoidable part of existence.  Life for you is a tangible physical reality and you spare little time for thoughts on matters metaphysical. The sign of Virgo has an inherent quality of duality, which does not necessarily show itself in one and the same individual.  In fact, two Virgo borns can be in complete contrast to one another.  Those of you who incline to higher academic learning are greatly developed on the intellectual plane; but others tend to neglect all mental pursuits to lead an almost purely physical life.

You are generally spruce and clean in your dress and like to maintain a meticulously tidy home.  You cannot tolerate things scattered or thrown about any old way, at home or elsewhere.  It is a Virgo who would pick up a banana peel off the road and deposit it neatly in its proper place - the dustbin.

In spite of being quite finicky, you are very understanding and sympathetic towards others.  You believe in the individual's right to subscribe to his own views on life.  So you do not easily oppose anyone voicing his ideas, however impractical or ridiculous they may appear.  In fact, you rarely enter into a debate, unless you know in advance the points of dispute.  This could be because you take quite some time to arrive at a conclusion of your own.  In discussions you cannot immediately take sides.  You think and think before making a statement, and take your own time to weigh things up.  However, once you make up your mind, you stick to your decision.  It has been seen that you are very cautious and guarded before making a promise, because you would like to take your word seriously and honour the pledge.  You generally seek the advice of trustworthy friends on matters pertaining to your career.  You could be indecisive in choosing a profession, and are likely to abandon one job in favour of another.  With your large circle of friends, both male and female, you enjoy attending social functions and are usually a member of clubs and societies.  It is difficult for you to spend even a single hour all by yourself; you like to be in a crowd.  Highly critical of adventures, you take few risks in life and avoid speculation of all sorts.

Love plays an important part in your life.  Most of the times you are involved in one love affair or the other. Some Virgo born gets involved in love for mere physical satisfaction, others to seek the right partner (who always seems to elude them).  You don't have any particular likes in choosing a spouse, but you definitely keep aggressive, independent, fiery persons at bay.  You are quite easygoing and cannot be termed ambitious.  You set yourself on a certain course in life and gradually move towards the goal, taking in your stride all the pleasures and anxieties that come on the way.  This shows an inner strength of character in you, and also makes you a dependable friend.  You are sincere and honest in all relationship; but those around have to find all this out for themselves, as you are modest in talking about yourself.  Unassuming by nature and generous in disposition, in general you lead a happy and contented life.


LIBRACharacteristics Of Libra

If you are born between 22nd September and 22nd October, the zodiac sign of Libra governs you.  Those who know their natal charts and find Libra rising, or the moon in Libra, should also look for certain personality traits under this sign.

Slender, tall and good-looking, you have refined tastes and an artistic bent of mind; you strike a harmonious balance between idealism and realism.  Your voice is soft and gentle and there is always a smile on your face.   Having a large circle of friends, many of your evenings are spent in party going or in entertaining guests at home.  You are generally well informed about current trends in art and literature, but are also fond of reading best sellers - because everyone else is talking about them!  You travel a lot and like to visit places of historical interest.  You enjoy talking about your travels; some of you are good at writing travelogues.  You are lucky enough to be able to afford interesting vacations, for you are generally favoured with good fortune, either being born into an affluent family or rising to prominence by your own merit.  Although you are ambitious and like to be 'at the top', you are not attached to worldly riches; you accept them as part of life.  So also, you accept success and fame with grace and this adds a certain dignity to your personality.

Because of your flexible nature, you make a compatible partner, both in business and marriage.  You readily accept the viewpoint of others, even if at times it harms your own interests.   But it is rare for anyone to harm you deliberately in any manner.  This may be because you set great store by justice and fair play.  As a believer in peace and harmony, you have the most amiable of dispositions - a quality which can even win over your opponents to your side.  That is why friends and colleagues label you 'diplomatic'.  Certainly, it is not for any personal gain that you pursue such a policy - you belief that life is to be lived, and lived happily and pleasantly, makes you tolerant towards others.

If not an artist yourself, you are generally associated, in some way or other, with the fine arts.  You are sensitive to a beautiful environment - anything from architecture to the beauties of nature, from painting to flowers.  Anything sordid, crude or ugly repels you, especially ribald jokes and coarse conversation.  Perhaps this is because of your love for things romantic.  You are almost always in love; so much so that it is rare that you can stick to one partner.  You are attracted to people fond of music and poetry, and also to those who travel to lot.  You may even have affairs with a number of people who appeal to your different tastes and fulfil different aspects of your personality.  Your love of life keeps you active and carefree even as you grow old.


ScorpioCharacteristics Of Scorpio

If you are born between October 23rd and 21st November, the zodiac sign of Scorpio governs you.  Those who know their horoscopes and find Scorpio rising, or the moon in Scorpio, should also check for certain personality traits under this sign.

You are a well-built person, with an athletic physique: slim-waist, square-shouldered.  You project an image of great power, both physical and mental.  Dignified in your bearing and reserved by nature, a feeling of pride or self-importance may form a part of your personality.  You are a keen observer, a good judge of character.  If one needs to have a clear, unbiased opinion, a Scorpio is the most fitting person to pick for such a job.  You can be so outspoken that, at times, your opinions shock the listener.  Naturally, this tendency does not contribute to your popularity! But you are the last person to be bothered by this.  You do not make compromises merely because courtesy demands it, nor do you hide the truth for the sake of friendship.  To you, such considerations appear hypocritical and hollow.

You have strong likes and dislikes.  When you like something, you will hear no criticism of it; your dislikes are equally personal, making you cynical and sceptical.  The intensity of your convictions makes you listen to your opponents attentively, if only to refute their arguments or theories.  You are more convincing at negating others viewpoints, rather than at putting forth your own.  Not that you have any doubt about your convictions.  But you do not bother to broadcast your views that, in your opinion, have been evolved after painful, excruciating experiences; you believe people should find their own answers or solutions and discover for them what is right or wrong.  Some of you strongly believe that you have found the true meaning of existence.

Though you do not mix freely with one and all, you like to attend social functions and parties.  However, you are quite genial and warm towards those who approach you; still only a few can manage to break through your reserve.  In keeping with your strong likes and dislikes, you do not favour wishy-washy colours.  You generally dress in shades of dark blue or deep red, and are attracted to those wearing something with a touch of dark green.  You like people who can express their views fluently and get bored with people who are hesitant and have little enthusiasm.  In fact, you can be quite impatient in the company of a reserved person, perhaps because you yourself happen to be sparse with words.  Your reserve and restraint dulls even your own spirit of adventure, so that you do not actively pursue a risky enterprise.  Instead, you channel your urge for adventure into books - reading, research and writing.  Research work connected with the advanced sciences, or the occult, fascinates you.  Often you get your 'thrills' from reading - science fiction, detective stories and any book about the sea or maritime life. Some of you have a talent for writing and can be highly imaginative and original.

Sex plays an important part in your life.  The search for variety is likely to involve you in a number of affairs.  Your love for the mysterious may lead to secret associations.  Some of you are also likely to be members of groups involved in the study of the supernatural: alchemists are often natives of Scorpio.


SAGITTARIUSCharacteristics Of Sagittarius

If you are born between 22nd November and 20th December, the zodiac sign of Sagittarius governs you.  Those who know their horoscopes and find Sagittarius rising, or the moon in Sagittarius, should also check for certain personality traits under this sign.

Bold and optimistic, you have plenty of self-confidence.  You always aim for the highest place in any career or profession.  Extremely ambitious, you strive to fulfil your aims at any cost.  Your progressive nature helps you achieving the desired goal.  But you are a little too blunt and outspoken, even to the point of hurting or insulting others; you do not have much consideration for other people's feelings while speaking your mind or giving an opinion.  For you the truth, as you see it, is the most important value - and whether it is pleasant or bitter makes no difference.  This attitude could make you unpopular, but you are so confident that you hardly feel the need of comradely aid from others.  Your self-reliance in career matters could, at times, make you a 'loner' in your field; this very reason, perhaps, helps you rise to the top quickly and easily.

You have the gambling instinct in you.  Some of you are fond of speculation or horseracing, and women born under this sign are good at card games.  You are quite intuitively gifted too, and this helps you to achieve favourable results in gambling.  But whatever the result, you still respect convention, and would abstain from any such act or deed forbidden by the dictates of law, society or your family.  You cannot be termed religious in the normal sense of the word, but most of you do take an interest in theology, or the path of realization through knowledge.  Only a few among you may visit holy shrines, or devote time to prayers and rituals.  But quite a number of Sagittarians take to yoga or, rather to yogic exercise, for physical and mental discipline.

More often than not, you are associated with two occupations at a time. Highly talented, almost brash by nature, you choose to operate in those fields that promise immediate rewards, both financial and otherwise. In matters of love and sex you are cautious. You do not easily get entangled in an affair. You generally marry early, and it often turns out to be a happy union. Most of you carry on an affair, in spite of being happily married. You generally have several children, but gain little happiness from them. This could be because of the nature of your work, which keeps you away from your family. You love children but somehow they may not return your affection.

A word of warning: early success in your profession may make you lazy and indulgent, and this pleasure-loving tendency brings in its wake problems of health. You are fond of good food and like to taste the specialities of different nations. Though you do exercise control over your diet, you have the habit of keeping on munching some tit-bit or other in between meals. This could add to your weight, and most of you are likely to be rather plump by your mid-thirties. Women who marry early are also likely to withdraw from most of their former hectic activities and lead an easy-going, relaxed life. A little physical exercise and dietary control can be of help to Sagittarians in their later years.


CAPRICORNCharacteristics Of Capricorn

If you are born between 21st December and 19th January, the zodiac sign of Capricorn governs you. Those who know their horoscopes and find Capricorn rising, or the moon in Capricorn, should also check for certain personality traits under this sign.

Highly ambitious, you strive for power and glory and persistently work to achieve success. Tall and aristocratic in bearing, your reserved and thoughtful demeanour makes you attractive. You have to struggle hard to fulfil your aims, but success is somehow assured for you. You love to travel, preferring business trips to those for pleasure. You don’t make friends easily, either because you are suspicious of others or because you suffer from a complex. As such, you rarely spend much time in the company of close relations or friends. Consequently, your friends are drawn from among your professional colleagues or business associates. Most probably, a family problem may be responsible for the seriousness of your outlook on life. Many born into broken families, and generally brought up by their grandparents, are born under this sign. While you do well at school, you also excel in sports or activities relating to sports. Most of you take to specialised callings like engineering, medicine, law or maritime trade.   Those who practise law generally enter politics and achieve a high position in Government.

In keeping with your outlook, sober and dignified colours are your favourites. You like wearing shades of brown and blue, while those who dress in deep blue and white appeal to you. Similarly, people who speak little and in slow, soft tones, attract you, as do those who hold high-ranking posts in their chosen fields. Failures receive no sympathy from you, nor do you feel any compassion for people wrestling or struggling with their careers. You believe that a sensible man ought to be successful, or else there is something wrong with him. You do not subscribe to a belief in fate or destiny, nor do you agree to the idea of a man being the victim of circumstances. In your view a man is himself responsible for his station in life and is the creator of his own destiny. This does not mean that you are a non-believer in god or religion. But for you religion and work are two separate entities. You do not let your religions beliefs influence your day-to-day activities. All the same, some of you are highly charitable and serve your fellow men generously.

A gregarious type, you like to attend large social functions. A visit to the theatre or a concert is your favourite way of spending an evening. You do not really enjoy small family get-togethers. Usually you are an active member of a club, taking a keen interest in its organisational and welfare activities, and holding a position on its executive committee.

In marriage you make a difficult partner, because you have very strong likes and dislikes and can be inflexible about how you occupy your leisure time. It has been observed that Capricorn borns spend their evenings out, away from their spouses. In matters of love, you rely more on the intellect than on the promptings of the heart. In spite of this, you can be described as a balanced person - but you are far from being romantic. Never do you take risks, neither in your career nor in your personal life. When in love, you get married quickly rather than 'fool around' for a time with your sweetheart. Your desire to set up a home is strong, but you spend very little time in it. Home is more a security base, a retreat, and not a place to cherish as the focus of all your desires. However, you love children and are particular about their education and upbringing. You urge them to be independent, with the result that you gradually spend less and less time in their company. It is rare for you to go on a picnic or an outing with your children.

Indeed, you can be described as one of the most successful types of men in modern society. You conform to the conventional pattern of today's life - owning a nice house a comfortable car and all the other usual luxuries. You take out life insurance policies and invest money in shares and securities. A responsible family person, you lead a balanced, pleasant life - neither deliriously happy nor wildly miserable, taking all the complexities and vicissitudes of existence in your stride.


AQUARIUSCharacteristics Of Aquarius

If you are born between 20th January and 18th February, the zodiac sign of Aquarius governs you. Those who know their horoscopes and find Aquarius rising, or the moon in Aquarius, should also check for certain personality traits under this sign.

You are deeply intelligent, endowed with a clear understanding of human relations and behaviour. You love freedom and believe in the philosophy that since man is born free, he ought to live free, whatever the circumstances. This attitude makes you unconventional and many highly radical ideas originate from Aquarians. Your love is all embracing, and leads logically to your being a humanist with secular beliefs, and a firm faith in the concept of international brotherhood. Together with this, you love Nature, all existence, in its myriad manifestations. An innocent sense of wonderment at every turn of circumstance keeps you cheerful and buoyant at every stage. You are quick to strike friendships, and good at drawing 'introverts' out of their secluded shells. You feel that life is so significant and interesting that every soul ought to be conscious of such awareness. Often you find yourself talking about harmony in nature and life to those who might be dejected because of the harsh realities of everyday life. Given the time, you would like to spend all your life spreading happiness and goodwill.

Sociable by nature, you enjoy participating in large gatherings and get-togethers. Though quiet by disposition, you become voluble when the subject of discussion is art, poetry, music or philosophy. That doesn't mean that men of science do not belong to this sign. Rather, if Aquarians take to medicine, and even politics, they are highly successful and earn wide recognition. Plato's concept of the philosopher-statesman conforms fully to Aquarian attributes.

You like shades of blue in your dress; and people wearing red and yellow attract you. Most Aquarians are voracious readers and quite a number of you are students of literature. Many of you also try your hand at writing, and those who do not take to writing at least keep a personal diary. At parties you give the impression of being an introvert, but you are not one. It is more that you are a keen observer and usually avoid talking shop in company; but when surrounded by intelligent people or artist, you become so engrossed in exchanging views that you lose track of time.

An egalitarian, you do not rate your friends according to their social standing, but meet all on a level of equality. While you do not travel much, you are such a voracious reader that in conversation you give the impression that there isn't a place on earth you haven't visited. This is because your conversation is highly informative and you can hold listeners spellbound with your easy flow of words. Some of you take a keen interest in metaphysics, and in subjects connected with the occult. An astrologer or a palmist born under this sign generally has the gift of making accurate predictions. Being intuitive, you make a good judge of character; and your speech is so gently worded that even while delineating a listener's negative traits you arouse no resentment. You may know many people; all of them would consider you their friend. Your geniality wins everyone; few would find you indifferent or aloof. If you learn that someone is opposed to your views on life, you feel hurt, and would be anxious to meet and talk to the person. Your catholic and loving disposition keeps you happy and healthy most of your life. You are not particular about owning property and possess all the luxuries of life. Lack of comforts does not bother you; you are not attached to your possessions, so you live a contented and a meaningful life.


PISCESCharacteristics Of Pisces

If you are born between 19th February and 20th March, the zodiac sign of Pisces governs you. Those who know their horoscopes and find Pisces rising, or the moon in Pisces, should also check for certain personality traits under this sign.

You have a fair complexion, and are moderately tall. You are very friendly and get to know most of the people in your own group well. But you are not 'over-friendly'; rather, your manner is reserved, although you are very receptive to the influence of others. You shun only those whom you feel to be neither honest nor sincere. Somehow you can sense hostility and dishonesty in those confronting you. Your highly sensitive nature makes you quick in gauging others even without speaking to them. On your part, you are just and considerate towards others, but dislike hypocrisy and cunning. Once you enter into any relationship, your affection is true and enduring. Consequently, you grow deeply attached to your friends and are emotional in your involvements. Your emotional life is rich. You live in a world of romance and beauty. Highly imaginative, some of you excel in the arts and literature, while most Pisceans are fond of reading and writing. Many writers of the romantic genre belong to this sign of the zodiac, and most of you like to read romantic fiction and detective stories.

You enjoy dressing in a variety of colours, blue, white and red perhaps being your favourites. You respond favourably to people wearing pastel shades or deep green. The refinement of your tastes shows in your home; it is not only neatly and lovingly maintained, but is decorated artistically, revealing that you have good taste and use it to invest money in buying objects of aesthetic value. The home plays a central part in your life, for you are extremely hospitable and love to entertain close friends at your own place. While you are fond of good food, cooking may not be one of your strong points. Fond of travelling, you love visiting places of historical interest. The more affluent among you also like travelling to famous cities, if only on a shopping spree. This doesn't mean that you are a spendthrift. On the contrary, you are very economical and conservative with your finances. You think and re-think before embarking on any journey, planning your expenditure well in advance, and rarely crossing the bounds of your budget or the limits of a pre-planed programme.

You like to take part in social functions, especially those in celebration of some significant occasion. A plain get-together bores you, so you generally decline such invitations. For you prefer spending a quiet evening all by yourself, reading or just lazing the time away, rather than paying casual visits to acquaintances or relatives. For the same reason, you are choosy with regard to close friends, either having none, or at the most one or two friends who could claim to really have access to the inner recesses of your mind. The very idea of 'falling in love' fascinates you and you are often involved in an affair. But since you seek permanence in all relationships, you are likely to marry early. Often Pisceans meet with opposition from relatives in their choice of a partner in marriage. Though you do accept advice from others in other matters, you are generally firm and sure about your choice with regard to marriage. And once having decided upon the choice of a mate, you brook no interference from others.

Sometimes Pisceans shower their love and devotion on an undeserving mate, with the result that they later suffer because of their misplaced affection. But you accept such reverses in life with great forbearance and resolve; you can take everything, except disloyalty. You suffer even infidelity quietly, wishing no harm to anyone. Deception in love could have serious repercussions on your health, and most Pisceans do suffer depression. Still, you remain unmoved and come to accept life fully in all its aspects. You usually remain true and loyal in a relationship, and generally do meet a partner who reciprocates your love and affection - and in the hands of such a person you surrender yourself completely.



Kamini Uppal