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What is Muhurata

Astrology is a vast subject and its various aspects encompass the entire gamut of human and celestial existence. From the birth of universe, the Sun, the Moon, the celestial bodies and their respective motions, to the life form on earth, evolution of man, our lives with its exigencies, all this is covered in the subject of astrology. In India, astrology is like a philosophy, a way of life. Since ancient times the study of cosmos and the influence of heavenly bodies on the life on earth, was known as ‘ Jyotish’, - Lord of Light. Astrology has been an integral part of Hindu myth, folklore and culture. It was venerated as the Vedas and was known as Vedanga, - part of Vedas.

Astrology presupposes destiny. It is believed that at the time of birth of an individual, his/her, life pattern is determined. It is an ancient belief that all existence follows a pre-determined course, and man’s life pattern can be determined through the study of planetary configuration present in the universe at the time of his birth. The very concept that life, or existence, follows a pre-determined path, is unique since man has been observing the sky with its myriad stars and planets, and cyclical changes of seasons along with changes in individual’s life, culminating in death. It is not amazing then that men of learning desired to know the reasons for all this phenomena, supposedly happening involuntarily in the universe. It is through deep meditation and intuitive sight of seers, they discovered that there is an order in the universe and all heavenly bodies, and life form on earth, as also the seasons and weather, follow a chartered course. A further study and probe led to the philosophy of astrology.

After having accepted that life is pre-ordained, ancient seers, like our modern day scientists, were enthused to further probe and find ways and means to control, or harness, this cosmic power, for the betterment of mankind.

Once it was discovered, that the key to know the future lay in the study of planetary configuration at birth of an individual;  it was quite natural to determine the most auspicious planetary combination that would occur in future, when if a certain task is undertaken, the results would be favourable. Thus was evolved the ‘ electional ’ astrology, called ‘Muhurata’, - or the auspicious time.

It is believed that just like our voyage in life gets determined at our birth, similarly, the very time we elect to do anything, will determine its outcome. The intense study and research by ancient masters resulted in a large body of work, which became a specialized branch of astrology called ‘Muhurata’. And since ancient times man has profited by choosing an auspicious time before taking important decisions, ensuring success of the desired objective.

If life is pre-ordained then what role does ‘free will’ play. As long as man is tied down to his ‘karma’, he has to follow his destiny. And as long as he is actively pursuing his objective, he will use his free will and choice to determine his path. The outcome of his actions may or may not be under his control, but it will always be his endeavour to do his utmost to achieve his desired goal. For such reasons man has employed all that he can to fulfill his life’s aim. And seeking astrological advice to select the best time for events like marriage, long journeys, purchase of lands, building house or moving into a new home, became an integral part of man’s life.